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Ohio State up to No. 3 in SB Nation FanPulse, remains No. 1 in LGHL poll

Buckeye fans are 100% confident in direction of OSU’s program.

With yet another hurdle cleared, the Ohio State Buckeyes are continuing to climb in the ratings of pollsters and media members alike. Over the weekend they climbed into a tie with the Georgia Bulldogs for No. 3 in the AP Poll, and inched up to No. 4 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. However, on Monday, the biggest poll of them all was released as the SB Nation FanPulse Top 25 also saw Ryan Day’s squad move up to No. 3, jumping the Dawgs.

The Buckeyes sit only behind No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Clemson, just as they are in the AP Poll. However, in the version of the FanPulse survey taken only by Ohio State fans, the Buckeyes are the top team for the second week in a row.

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Ohio State fans also have the LSU Tigers — perhaps because of lingering fondness for Joe Burrow — but have the Clemson Tigers rated much further down the rankings. The other major difference between OSU fans and SBN readers was that we have the Cincinnati Bearcats at No. 23, while UC is down in the “also receiving votes” portion of the poll.

Check out both the LGHL and SBN polls below:

FanPulse Rankings | Oct. 7

Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
1 OHIO STATE Alabama 2 OHIO STATE Alabama
2 Alabama Clemson -1 Alabama Clemson
4 Georgia Georgia - Georgia OHIO STATE
5 Clemson LSU -3 Clemson LSU
6 Oklahoma Oklahoma - Oklahoma Oklahoma
7 Wisconsin Wisconsin - Auburn Auburn
8 Florida Florida - Wisconsin Wisconsin
9 Penn State Notre Dame 1 Florida Florida
10 Notre Dame Penn State -1 Penn State Notre Dame
11 Texas Texas - Notre Dame Penn State
12 Auburn Auburn - Texas Texas
13 Oregon Oregon - Iowa Oregon
14 Boise State Boise State - Oregon Iowa
15 Utah Utah - Washington Boise State
16 Michigan Michigan - Boise State Washington
17 Iowa Iowa - Utah Utah
18 Washington Washington - Cal Cal
19 Arizona State Arizona State - Virginia Virginia
20 Wake Forest Wake Forest - Michigan Michigan
21 Virginia Virginia - UCF UCF
22 SMU SMU - Michigan State Texas A&M
23 Cincinnati UCF 7 USC USC
24 UCF Oklahoma State -1 Texas A&M Michigan State
25 Oklahoma State Texas A&M -1 Wake Forest Arizona State

In addition to the Top-25 Poll, the FanPulse survey also asks a couple of other questions, including how confident fans are in the direction of their program. For the third week in a row, and fourth time in the six weeks of the season, LGHL readers are 100 percent confident in how Ryan Day has things moving. In all honesty, if it was possible to be more than 100 percent confident, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ohio State fans had them even higher.

This week’s extra FanPulse question was perfectly timed for Ohio State’s first of two bye weeks this season. The survey asked what game participants were most looking forward to in the upcoming weekend’s slate. The Red River Rivalry Shootout Classic Showdown was the top pick, and Texas coach Tom Herman agrees.

In fairness, I see absolutely nothing wrong with Herman saying this. In fact, I would have more of a problem if he didn’t say, but it is fun to troll anyway.

Check out the most anticipated games of the week:

Most Anticipated Week 7 Game

Game Percentage
Game Percentage
Oklahoma vs. Texas 38.50%
Florida vs. LSU 32%
Penn State vs. Iowa 10.10%
USC cs. Notre Dame 8.30%
FSU vs. Clemson 5.10%
Alabama vs. Texas A&M 4.30%
Bucknell vs. Colgate 1.70%