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Podcast: No Chase Young, no problem for Ohio State against Maryland

“Dominant” probably isn’t a strong enough word to describe what we saw yesterday.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 Maryland at Ohio State Photo by Adam Lacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In August I had dreams of Ohio State fielding a top-20 defense and erasing the fiasco that was the 2018 season.

In September I thought, “Man, these guys might actually be pretty damn good.”

In October it became obvious that they’re one of the best in the country.

In November they can prove they’re one of the best in Ohio State history.

With no Chase Young, the Silver Bullets put on another dominant display, shutting Maryland out in non-garbage time, while showing off their depth. (Sorry, I’m not counting TDs when you’re down 50 and playing the third stringers.) It’s easy to say, “Well, it’s Maryland,” but through nine games this defense has only given up 8 touchdowns, and 77 points total. They’ll get the chance to prove just how dominant they are against Penn State and Michigan later this month, but as of now, they’re on track to be maybe the best Ohio State defense we’ve ever seen. Who would’ve thought that at this time last year?

On this episode of the Hangout in the Holy Land, I break down the 73-14 win over Maryland, gush over the defense, and more, including:

  • What we can take away from a full game of Zach Harrison and Tyreke Smith in Young’s absence
  • Excellent games from Tuf Borland and Malik Harrison
  • Ryan Day’s bloodlust
  • Justin Fields quietly putting in work in the passing game, and more. Listen below: