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Ryan Day provides minimal update on Chase Young in Tuesday’s press conference

The OSU head coach declined to respond to TTUN’s defensive coordinator ‘warning’ the Buckeyes.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 27 Ohio State Press Conference Photo by Adam Lacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
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Watch the press conference here:

� Ryan Day press conference to preview Rutgers

️ ️ Ryan Day Press Conference: Previewing Rutgers, presented by OSUCCC-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute #GoBucks

Posted by Ohio State Buckeyes on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Chase Young Update

  • Day said that there’s not much that he can provide as additional information on the subject, but that they are going to prepare as if he will be back, and that they will adjust as necessary.
  • The coach said that they had been preparing to handle difficulties, and he thought that his team handled it well. “Championship teams, they’re resilient in times of adversity. It reveals your character.”
  • He added that there will probably be more adversity — either on or off the field — down the road, “We know there’s more adversity coming. We don’t know when. We don’t know where.”
  • Day continued, “Championship teams are resilient in times of adversity. It reveals your character. We relayed to the team and to the program that our character was at the forefront. The heart of this team is being showcased.”

Player Notes

  • The coach said that Jeff Okudah has done incredibly well, despite the fact that he’s not getting a ton of action, because he is so good. “He doesn’t get a lot of action over there because he’s so good at what he does.”
  • Day praised backup quarterback Chris Chugunov, saying that he improved as he played on Saturday. “He got the ball out of his hand quick, threw some nice balls, made some quick decisions.”
  • He said that when he got to Columbus, Chugunov was not in great shape, but he worked to change his body, and now that there is a body of work, you are more comfortable that he’s ready.
  • Later he added that not everyone is built to handle the responsibilities of being a backup QB. “Some guys can do that and other guys struggle with that.”
  • Day said that Jonah Jackson has helped the rest of the offensive line approach their work with professionalism, and that he’s had a lot of impact on the success of the unit this season. “This was a great fit. Personality-wise, the whole thing.”
  • Day praised true freshmen Zach Harrison and Garrett Wilson are ahead of where you would normally expect freshmen to by, because they have had a ton of opportunities to play so far.
  • The coach said that defensive end/tight end Rashod Berry will continue to play on both sides of the ball.

Team Notes

  • He said that there are still things that the Buckeyes have to work on, because they haven’t been able to get experience in certain situations in a game. “Our team hasn’t really been in the fourth quarter of a dogfight yet.”
  • Day noted that while he there is a lot of development that the team needs to get to before the end of the season, but there are some areas that he is happy with. “The one things that I know that I love about this team is the chemistry and the maturity.”

Reviewing Maryland

  • Day said that the 13 penalties that the Buckeyes had on Saturday are “unacceptable.” He said that they have to get better at that. “We have to hold ourselves to a certain standard. We cannot lose focus.”

Previewing Rutgers

  • Day said that he has known Rutgers coach Nunzio Campanile for a long time, and he knows that coming off of an open week, he will have his team ready.
  • He’s been hammering home the idea that the Buckeyes need to be focused in order to get a win. He said that they have been doing well with that thus far.


  • Day said that he was very proud of how Joe Burrow played against Alabama, and said that Burrow is probably the leader for the Heisman.
  • He said that it was tough to see him go, but with as much quarterback talent as they has in the room, there’s only one player who can play QB at a time, so he understood.
  • Day declined to comment on comments made by Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown saying that his team is working on Ohio State every week, and that the Buckeyes better be ready.
  • He praised Jeff Hafley as a great combination of recruiting, being able to relate to players, and his understanding of defensive football. He said that his ties to New Jersey have, and will continue to, pay dividends in recruiting. Day called Hafley an “all-star.”
  • Day said that he knew that when he came to Columbus adversity would be part of the job.