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I Got 5 on it: Ohio State’s November starts tomorrow

Chase Young is back, the recent top 10 moments in Ohio State/Penn State history, and more.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 29 Ohio State at Penn State Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

How are we already a day away from Ohio State’s final home game of 2019?

It feels like it was just last week that we were in August and had a bevy of questions about Ryan Day’s first season as Head Coach.

Can he handle the pressure of replacing Urban Meyer?

What’s the offense going to look like?

Please god, can this defense just be above average?

Is this Michigan’s year? (Just kidding; I didn’t ask that)

Three months later and we have emphatic answers to almost everything. Day’s handled replacing a legend about as well as you can ask for, the offense is as good —and balanced— as any of Meyer’s best, and the defense is playing like one of the finest in program history. It’s been an incredible 10 games, but now things get real.

One of my favorite articles ever is Bill Connelly on the month of November. November is the month where shit hits the fan. It’s the home of Holy Buckeye, The Spot, and Juice Williams owning our collective soul with a 16 play, 8 minute drive that only went 42 yards. November usually defines how we remember a college football season, and with all due respect to Maryland and Rutgers - Ohio State’s November starts tomorrow.

I refuse to write anything fluffy about Penn State because I detest them so much, but all you need to know is that the Big Ten East is on the line, it’s senior day at The Shoe, and here are 5 things I’m thinking right now:

Weirdest timeline

Let’s go back in time. Imagine telling a Penn State fan in January 2018 some things about this game and what their response would be:

1) Ryan Day is Ohio State’s Head Coach (“Did Urban Meyer take the Browns job?”)

2) Ohio State has best defense in the country (“Finally got rid of Schiano?”)

3) Justin Fields is the starting quarterback (“bagman o$u cheaterz”)

4) Ohio State is 10-0 and looks like one of the best teams of the last 15-20 years (Something something comment about unfair refs and a Big Ten conspiracy)

Tomorrow’s game is a great reminder that life changes fast, but college football changes faster.

Beast is back

Welcome to Suplex City, bitch.

The other No. 2

If you’re wondering why J.K. Dobbins isn’t getting a ton of Heisman hype, here you go:

Dobbins is having a monster year, but in weird way is under the radar because he’s barely played the second half of any game. That’ll (probably?) change tomorrow.

Penn State has a track record of keeping this game close, and has one of the best run defenses in the country. They’re first nationally in yards per carry allowed, and only Michigan and Minnesota had even a little bit of success running on them. If Dobbins has a big day I’d expect the chatter about him to increase significantly, and for the rest of the country to understand what he does to defenders:

That’s a bad man

What could go wrong?

This has nothing to do with Ohio State/Penn State, but I was made aware of this yesterday and wanted included it with no other comment. I’m just leaving it here in case we need it at about 7 p.m. ET tomorrow.

The unofficial “Top 10 Moments Against Penn State since 2002” list

10. Terrelle Pryor’s extremely dumb touchdown to Dane Sanzenbacher

9. Binjimen Victor’s snake touchdown (K.J. Hill’s also works here)

8. Marcus Hall kills a man

7. Pryor gets revenge for 2008

6. Braxton Miller’s ridiculous touchdown

5. Penn State runs right at Chase Young for some reason??


3. Troy Smith goes full Heisman

2. J.T. Barrett’s whole fourth quarter in 2017


Honorable mention: the 115 pick six touchdowns Ohio State’s had in this series since 2002. Seems like we’re overdue for one of those.

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s I Got 5 on it. November’s officially here. This team has been special through 10 games, but now it’s time to see if they can make a run at being one of the best of all-time. Don’t blink.