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Cardale Jones demonstrates quarterback principles in ‘Urban’s Playbook’ on FOX

So good to see 12-Gauge throwing the ball in Columbus again.

Minnesota v Ohio State

On Saturday’s “Big Noon Kickoff” show on FOX — one of the three pregame shows outside The ‘Shoe before the Ohio State-Penn State game — Urban Meyer welcomed a familiar face to the demo field in the latest edition of “Urban’s Playbook.”

2014 National Championship winning quarterback Cardale Jones, who went 11-0 as a starter at Ohio State, served as the QB for the examples. Much to the delight of Jones, Brady Quinn, and Matt Lienart, Meyer explained that 50 percent of interceptions were actually the fault of the wide receiver.

So, Meyer broke down what is required to maintain the connection between QB and WR.

At the end of demonstration, Lienart asked Jones how hard Meyer was on him as a player, and while Jones initially said that he would give them details off air, he said that Meyer was tough on his players, because he expected so much out of them.

The former head coach ended the segment by reminding them all that his methods got his team — including Jones — a national title!