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Outside the Shoe podcast: How Ohio State and Michigan athletics compare off the football field

Because it’s fun to beat Michigan in other sports, too.

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On LGHL’s Outside the Shoe podcast, we talk all things Ohio State athletics that happen outside the confines of the Horseshoe.

In today’s episode, with everyone’s mind on the Ohio State/Michigan game this weekend, Meredith talks through the rivalry from a different perspective, comparing the overall success of the teams’ respective athletic programs.

For Ohio State, football has been the obvious benchmark for athletic success in recent years (and basketball for Michigan), but other programs have helped to define success for both institutions, especially when it comes to national championships.

While Michigan finished second behind Stanford in this year’s Director’s Cup rankings, the Buckeyes still have a storied history in a variety of non-revenue sports, including synchronized swimming -- which has won more titles than any other program at either school -- women’s rowing, wrestling and men’s volleyball.

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