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Game day Twitter round up: Ohio State vs. TTUN


I’d give my first born child for this to happen.

I’m uhhh... unwell.

If history is any indication, I’m sure they didn’t need that extra point.

What sport is this

If I don’t give away my first-born, I’m naming it J.K.

We don’t even know why he’s in the game!

Just gonna watch this until further notice. Can someone let me know who wins?

Our house.

Sill Michigan, I know we’re your boss but you’re not supposed to listen to everything we say!

I mean, I can think of another strategy that will score you more points but no yeah, field goals should work.

There’s only one answer to that question.

I’m certainly not.

Ohio State, you have received your orders.

There goes several years off my life. RIP.

Never leave, Harbaugh


Thought I could let my guard down, but alas...

My guard is down again!

Common sense?! Refs?! You’re kidding.

A valid question honestly.

Look what you did, Don.

Nothing but respect for #MyHeisman

I heard the same thing... weird.

And now for some sad Michigan fan tweets:

And this comment section from a blog: The Victors

Thanks for having us, Michigan. Always a pleasure.