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Ohio State is now odds-on favorite to win national title

That might change after LSU-’Bama this weekend, but I’ll take it for now.

Wisconsin v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

After weeks of analysts and analytics alike calling the Ohio State Buckeyes the most complete team in college football, finally the oddsmakers have agreed. On Monday, installed the Buckeyes as the new favorite to win the College Football Playoff National Championship, jumping Alabama to take the top spot.

Ohio State is now 5-to-2 to win the title with ‘Bama and Clemson back at 11/4. Of course, these rankings aren’t solely dependent on the Buckeyes’ on-field dominance, as they also figure into account the fact that Alabama and LSU will face each other this weekend, inherently diminishing both of their chances to win it all.

It is possible that the winner of that game retakes the best odds after the toughest game on their regular season schedule is behind them, but OSU does have a game against Penn State (who currently has the eighth-best odds) looming in late November.

The Nittany Lions will face the Minnesota Golden Gophers on Saturday; the Gophers currently have the 12th best odds to win it all.

National Title Odds | Nov. 4

Team 10/28 Odds 11/4 Odds
Team 10/28 Odds 11/4 Odds
Ohio State 3/1 5/2
Alabama 11/4 11/4
Clemson 3/1 11/4
LSU 9/2 9/2
Georgia 12/1 10/1
Oregon 20/1 16/1
Oklahoma 20/1 20/1
Penn State 20/1 20/1
Utah 50/1 40/1
Baylor 80/1 66/1
Iowa 100/1 100/1
Minnesota 100/1 100/1
Cincinnati 500/1 250/1
Florida 50/1 250/1
Appalachian State 500/1 Off the Board
SMU 150/1 Off the Board

In addition to the national title odds, with the first CFP Committee rankings being revealed on Tuesday, Nov. 5, we also got odds about where each of the top four teams are likely to place in those initial rankings.

The Buckeyes are not favored to slot into any of the specific placements, but they have the second-best odds to be the initial No. 1 team, tied for second to be No. 2, and are the third most likely team to be both third and fourth following Tuesday’s announcement. So, the bookmakers see them as being more likely to be No. 1 or 2 than 3 or 4.

CFP Nov. 5 Seeding Odds

Team 1st Place Odds 2nd Place Odds 3rd Place Odds 4th Place Odds
Team 1st Place Odds 2nd Place Odds 3rd Place Odds 4th Place Odds
LSU 1/1 2/1 7/2 3/2
Ohio State 9/4 2/1 8/5 7/2
Alabama 3/1 3/2 5/4 5/1
Clemson 3/1 3/1 11/4 1/2 also released over/under totals for seven other teams likely to see themselves slotted in fairly high, including a pair of Big Ten teams.

CFP Nov. 5 Over/Unders

Team O/U seeding
Team O/U seeding
Penn State 5
Georgia 6
Oregon 7
Oklahoma 8
Utah 9
Minnesota 11.5
Baylor 14.5

Finally, following his dominating performance against Wisconsin on Oct. 26, OSU’s Chase Young has skyrocketed up the Hesiman rankings, but the odds are still favoring a quarterback (how boring).

That being typed, Buckeye quarterback Justin Fields is also still on the board, so there is a decent shot that Ohio State gets a pair of players to New York. But, seriously, what does J.K. Dobbins have to do to get back on the board?

Heisman Trophy Odds | Nov. 4

Player 10/28 Odds 11/4 Odds
Player 10/28 Odds 11/4 Odds
Joe Burrow 4/5 10/11
Jalen Hurts 9/4 5/2
Tua Tagovailoa 5/1 154
Justin Fields 6/1 15/2
Chase Young 25/1 8/1