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Ohio State fans are completely confident in both football, men’s basketball teams

I mean, duh.

Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

If you hadn’t heard, the Ohio State Buckeyes’ men’s basketball team is currently ranked third in the country according to the AP Poll. In fact, advanced analytics guru Ken Pomeroy actually has the Buckeyes as the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY!

Coming off of their 106-74 @$$-kicking of Penn State last Saturday, the basketball Bucks are flying high and for the first time this season, the whole of the Ohio State fanbase has declared that they are confident in the direction that Chris Holtmann is leading his team.

In this week’s SB Nation FanPulse survey — which is moving away from the college football top-25 questions now that the regular season has ended — every OSU fan participating said that the Buckeyes were heading in the right direction. The season started with 94.4 percent of the respondents being confident before taking a dip to 92.9 percent after Week 1 for some unexplainable reason, but has been climbing steadily ever since.

In addition, the FanPulse survey also asked participants what team that they thought would win the upcoming College Football Playoff, and while I was surprised by the results, maybe I shouldn’t have been, because the results are actually in seeding order.

The LSU Tigers are No. 1 at more than half of the responses, your Ohio State Buckeyes are second with just under one quarter, then the Clemson Tigers are in third, with the Oklahoma Sooners rounding out the list in the basement at fourth.

Personally, I kind of expected the Buckeyes to be third in this list, since the national narrative has gone from Ohio State being one of the most dominating teams in college football history to being on the verge of an epic beatdown simply because the last time OSU and Clemson played the Buckeyes got laughed out of the desert, never mind that most of the players who will face off this year were in high school when that happened.

But, I digress...

CFP Champion Predictions | Dec. 12

Team Percentage
Team Percentage
LSU Tigers 50.5%
Ohio State Buckeyes 24.8%
Clemson Tigers 20.8%
Oklahoma Sooners 3.9%

And finally, like with men’s basketball, every single Buckeye fan who participated in this week’s FanPulse survey was confident in the direction of the football team, making it 13 out of 15 weeks at 100 percent.