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Podcast: Which Ohio State football recruit are you most thankful for?

Which commit are you guys thankful for coming? Who are you disappointed to miss out on? We give you our picks.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan got doubled up again. After last season’s blowout upset of Michigan, many thought they would turn the corner. They thought this was the year, the Boogieman Urban Meyer was gone, OSU had a new QB, the Georgia reject. They were the favorites by the media to win the Big 10. It was a simpler time for Michigan. But this is the reality now. They might have to change the name to the greatest one-sided rivalry.

Beating down Michigan eight times in a row is not only great for the current team, it’s fantastic for the next ones as well. Michigan and Ohio State share a recruiting radius in the mid-west. But when one team is clearly a class above, it becomes a lot easier to get a better share of the pie.

Ohio State currently has the two-time Michigan Player of the Year Cam Martinez on board, and prospects like Bryce Steele who are choosing between Michigan and Ohio State probably had their choice made after Saturday.

Poaching the best from other states is what Ohio State does now, and honestly they’ve been doing it for awhile. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we run down the prospects we are most thankful that came here, players that were slated to go somewhere else before the irresistible call of the Buckeye got to them. We also run through a few players that Ohio State should’ve and could’ve gotten, guys that could’ve really blossomed here but for one reason or another didn’t make it to Columbus.

We also discuss:

  • How much is left in this class after finally filling up the running back spot?
  • The impact of The Game on recruiting, and how seriously Ohio State takes it.
  • The trio of top five wide receiver talent coming in 2020.
  • All the rest of the news and notes from this week in recruiting.

Listen here!