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Podcast: Early signing day and the future of Ohio State recruiting

We spotlight Clark Phillips “replacement” Ryan Watts and let you know how some other schools did on signing day.

New Boston College Football Head Coach Jeff Hafley Photo by Nic Antaya for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

It was an eventful early signing day for everyone, some more than others. It started off well for the Ohio State Buckeyes, grabbing CJ Stroud (the No. 2 ranked pro-style QB), and signing 23 more recruits to official Buckeye status. However, the day after Clark Phillips III soured OSU’s fun a little bit, flipping to Utah and becoming their highest rated recruit of all time.

Still, OSU will grab another top five class this year, showing that even without Urban Meyer and now Jeff Hafley, OSU recruiting is still OSU recruiting. And at least we aren’t LSU, who lost a whole host of commits, including No. 2 wide receiver Rakim Jarrett to Maryland of all places. The real winner however was Utah, who jumped 49 spots in the recruiting rankings as they continue to establish themselves as a national power.

We go over all the action of early signing week as recruiting moves to a dead period until January 17th. But don’t worry, there’s no dead period for state secrets.

We also cover:

And much more!

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