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Outside the Shoe: Why every sport’s postseason is different

With the CFP semis this weekend, we take a look at why postseasons are different across NCAA sports.

Ohio State v Houston Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

On LGHL’s Outside the Shoe podcast, we talk all things Ohio State athletics that happen outside the confines of the Horseshoe.

With the College Football Playoff semi-final upon us, Meredith discusses the vast improvement the current system is over the Bowl Championship Series which predated the playoff, but also some of the issues which remain under the new regime, namely, how five Power-5 conference champions are supposed to fit into a four-team playoff.

Meredith also talks through other NCAA postseason formats and how they fit each sport. From a 68-team March Madness field which determines the NCAA college basketball champion to a meet-style format for wrestling, collegiate athletics have shown a lot of options for how to structure postseason play.

While most sports are out of session until students return in January, there’s still a lot to look forward to this weekend outside the Shoe.

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