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Ohio State offers 2020 defensive end, crack top 6 for 2020 small forward

The Buckeyes are in the running for an elite 2020 basketball player

Che Evans
Casey Athena, 247Sports

Early Tuesday morning, the Ohio State Buckeyes sent out a pretty huge offer. With quite a few targets at defensive end still on the board, Ohio State has a ton of options in the 2020 class up front. However, the Buckeyes are apparently very confident in a bit of a lesser known prospect, because they extended an offer to three-star defensive end Deontae Craig.

Deontae’s skills, and ultimately, the reason he picked up this offer, are evident immediately on film. Firstly, he has an excellent frame. At 6-foot-4, 240 pounds, you won’t many recruits more physically ready for college football than Craig. On top of his great size, Deontae is an excellent athlete, as is evident by his impact not just on the football field but also on the basketball court, where he serves as an excellent forward. That takes a ton of athletic ability, and Craig is certainly that.

Ultimately, while he doesn’t have the lofty ranking quite yet (sits at 519 currently), Ohio State sees the same thing that Craig’s nine other offering schools have seen. This recruitment is ready to explode, and if Deontae Craig can develop his technical skill under someone like Larry Johnson, he can be a star.

In the running

While we’re still not super far into the 2020 college basketball recruiting cycle, Ohio State’s top targets for the class, and the generally picture of what this group might look like for the Buckeyes is becoming clearer by the day. We may have gotten a big hint as to who the first member of the class may be yesterday, as four-star small forward Che Evans included the Buckeyes in his top six schools.

The Buckeyes are joined by TCU, Texas Tech, Boise State, UCLA and Florida in the running for the Maryland product, and I think the Buckeyes have as good a shot as anyone here if they go all in for Evans. Now, does that happen? I’m not sold on it. Ohio State has either two or three available spots in 2020 depending on what they do with the open scholarship left by Micah Potter, and the Buckeyes have several prospects I think they’d take first, including Dom Penn, Zach Loveday, Brandon Boston, Nimari Burnett, and perhaps Ethan Morton.

However, only one of those players (Morton) is a forward, and my expectation is that the Buckeyes want one guard (likely Penn), one combo guard or forward (Morton, Boston, Burnett, Evans) and one big man (Loveday, John Hughley). Neither Boston nor Burnett seem likely at this point, so I’m guessing this one comes down to preference for the Buckeyes between Morton and Evans. If Evans wins that, he could be a member of the 2020 class sooner rather than later.