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Dwayne Haskins reaffirms his desire to be drafted to the Big Apple

There wouldn’t be any qualms from the former Buckeye passer if he went to the New York Giants.

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Ohio State vs Washington Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dwayne Haskins isn’t backing down from making his desire to join the New York Giants public.”

-Dan Schneier, 247 Sports

With National Signing Day taking place on Wednesday for college football and the Patriots hoisting the Lombardi Trophy (again) for the NFL, we are about to officially turn the page over to a new football season. With that being said, that also means the NFL Draft process is ramping up.

One of the more notable Buckeyes on the draft board is quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Already pegged as the potential heir apparent to Eli Manning in New York, Haskins made the comment to Newsday that he would “love it” if the New York Giants drafted him.

The Giants are sitting at No. 6 in the draft order, but there could be movement above them as teams looking for a QB may trade up to snag Haskins—or someone else for that matter. However, with Haskins already saying that he’d love to go to the NYG, and the fact that he grew up in New Jersey before moving to Maryland, that could make life hard for a team trying to wedge themselves between the record-setting Buckeye passer and the four-time Super Bowl winning franchise.

Numerous mock drafts have Haskins going to the Giants, but he’s not the first Buckeye taken off the board. Nick Bosa, who missed a majority of the season after sustaining a core muscle injury against TCU in Week 3, is predicted to be the top pick—going to the Arizona Cardinals.

“It’ll likely be another physical game, which means another test of how far Wesson has or hasn’t come when it comes to remaining calm on the court.”

-Adam Jardy, Columbus Dispatch

Kaleb Wesson has been without a doubt the Ohio State Buckeyes best and most valuable player as we head into the month of February and the final slate of the basketball season. Wesson is leading the Buckeyes in points and rebounds, averaging 15.3 and 6.7, respectively.

Even though he has been great, he struggled in the month of January with staying on the court and staying out of foul trouble. He plays aggressively and sometimes does not know when to slow up so that he can stay on the court. Especially with the preseason transfer of Micah Potter and the injury to Kyle Young, the Buckeyes have to rely on inconsistent freshman Jaedon LeDee to be their big man when Kaleb Wesson is on the bench.

This season, the Buckeyes are 9-1 when Kaleb Wesson finishes with three or less fouls. That being said, they are 5-6 when he has four or more fouls and in the three games he has fouled out, they are 0-3.

Obviously, the Buckeyes are better when Kaleb Wesson is on the floor as he is their best player, but he also makes the players around him better. When Wesson gets his touches in the offense, he forces the defense to crash the paint to stop him and then Wesson can kick the ball out to Jackson, Duane Washington and his older brother Andre and let them contribute more to the offense.

When Wesson is in foul trouble and is on the bench, you can see the offense become more stagnant and start forcing bad shots and committing turnovers. The Buckeyes have a very winnable schedule coming up as they take on some of the bottom dwellers of the conference, but it will be imperative that Wesson stays out of foul trouble and stays on the floor as he did against Rutgers Saturday so that they can take advantage of this schedule.

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