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Gene Smith steps down from CFP committee

After three seasons, Smith is no longer on the committee.

Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer Press Conference Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

“It is imperative for me to have 100% focus in helping our new coach with his transition at The Ohio State University this fall.”

- Gene Smith via Jerry Emig

After three years of serving on the College Football Playoff committee, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith is stepping down a year before his contract is up, according to Ohio State SID Jerry Emig. It’s pretty easy to understand why Smith wouldn’t want any extra responsibilities this year, as he focuses on the transition from Urban Meyer to Ryan Day, and that’s reflected in his quote.

While Ohio State fans may not be delighted with the decisions made by the committee for the past few years, Gene Smith was, by all accounts, a valued member of the group.

Smith will be replaced by Gary Barta, Iowa’s athletic director, on the selection committee. The term for Barta will be three years, and begins this spring.

Local man has a bad take

Folks, you’ll never believe this, but professional take haver Stephen A. Smith had a take today, and as you may have seen, it was a real doozy. This morning on his show ‘First Take’, during a discussion about Kyler Murray and former Buckeye Dwayne Haskins, Stephen A. Smith showed his hand a bit by declaring Dwayne Haskins “more of a runner than a thrower.”

I think my favorite part of this is the “I could be wrong about that” afterwards, which is, for my money, the absolute best way to follow up the statement of an opinion.

All of this is, of course, absurd. Folks that watched Ohio State at all in 2018 know that Dwayne Haskins went to the Cardale Jones school of running like a haunted downhill shopping cart, and not in any way a better runner than he is a thrower.

However, this is a good chance to remind Buckeye fans that shows like this, and people like Stephen A. Smith exist to get you riled up. Their job is to have strong, often incorrect opinions, because it drives interest and generates more money. It’s fun to dunk on them (I did my fair share), but ultimately, they’re getting what they want when you spend all day owning them online.

Wrestle Bucks set for massive matchup with Penn State

Looking for something to do in Columbus tonight? Look no further than St. John Arena, where the second ranked Ohio State Buckeyes are taking on the No. 1 team in the country, Penn State, at 8:30 p.m. ET. This is obviously a massive match for the Buckeyes, as they look to be in the running for a national title once again this season.

The road to the national title, as usually, runs through Penn State. The Nittany Lions have probably the most consistently dominant program in the country, and Ohio State has a huge opportunity to take them down tonight. You can watch the match in person, obviously, or on the Big Ten Network.

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