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Ohio State’s Mike Weber met with media at NFL Combine

Weber talked practicing against Nick Bosa, watching Dwayne Haskins develop, what Ryan Day’s offense will look like.

Alexis Chassen | SB Nation

Running back Mike Weber will be one of three former Ohio State Buckeyes in the spotlight in Indianapolis on Friday as they participate in the first day of on-field drills at the 2019 NFL Combine.

Friday will be the third day of evaluations for Weber, Isaiah Prince, and Michael Jordan who have already gone through a day of measurements and media availability.

On Thursday, Land-Grant Holy Land and Bleeding Green Nation’s Alexis Chassen was at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy, and was able to sit in on the Q&A with Weber.

Q: What was it like going up against Nick Bosa in practice? And what kind of player is he?

A: Nick Bosa is a hell of player, and a hell of person, as well. He deserves everything he’s getting right now. He’s one of my close friends at Ohio State, he’s my workout partner. Cool, laid back guy that comes to work everyday to work really hard, extremely talented. It was fun playing with him while it lasted, but hopefully, you never know, one day I could play with him again.

(He clarified that he was workout partners with him for two years with Coach Mick before he left school.)

He gets comfortable around the people he trusts, and he gets silly and stuff like that, but that’s anybody. He’s a good guy.

Q: What’s your assessment of Ezekiel Elliott, and his play?

A: He’s an all-around back. He can do it all and that’s what (a) team looks for in the NFL. A guy that can carry the load when they ask him to, a guy who can pass block when they ask him to, a guy that (can) catch the ball out the back field. I think the Cowboys do a good job utilizing him and showing his talents. He’s a good player.

Q: Do you have any relationship with Zeke?

A: Most definitely.

Q: Did he give you any advice?

A: All the time.

Q: During this draft process has he?

A: Yes.

Chassen: What do you think of the future of the offense under Ryan Day? Especially with the running back position?

A: Honestly, I don’t think it will change. I think they’ll continue to run the plays that he’s running and become more forceful when it comes to certain plays. Probably open it up a little bit, throw some trick plays in there, because last season he had the offense himself so I feel like he’s going to stick to his roots and go with what works.

Q: How did you see Dwayne Haskins grow up and develop throughout the year?

A: It’s actually amazing. It’s like having a kid. When he first got here he was a little chunky, chubby, disinterested guy who could just throw the ball. I think J.T. Barrett did a great job of showing him how to lead and showing him the ropes of how to take care of his business on and off the field. Everyone in the building knew he was going to be a great quarterback, he just had to put the things together to be a great quarterback and he did that right in front of our eyes. It was amazing to see, and he deserves everything he receives as well.

Q: Same question about yourself?

A: I’d say the same way, I just looked at the leaders in front of me when I first got here. The (recruiting) situations I had been through in the past when I first got here, I let that take a toll on me, but I got around the right people to be more disciplined and come back and bounce back and become more mature and take it from there.

As Weber, Prince, and Jordan take to the field on Friday, LGHL will have you covered with all of the most up-to-date results from their on-field workouts.