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Watch: At the NFL Combine, Nick Bosa details the injury that ended his Ohio State career

Bosa said that he has only been feeling ‘like himself’ for the past few weeks.

Nick Bosa at NFL Combine 2019
Alexis Chassen | Land-Grant Holy Land

Before he took to the field and weight room at the 2019 NFL Combine, Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa addressed the media to talk about his recovery from core muscle surgery, the opportunity to go high in the draft along with former teammate Dwayne Haskins, and how his brother Joey Bosa is helping prepare for the NFL.

Addressing his injury, Bosa said that he knew it was serious the moment that it happened against TCU. He also admitted that he immediately knew that his season was in jeopardy. Since the impacted muscle is involved in everything from breathing to walking to going to the bathroom, Bosa said that the hardest part on the road to recovery was getting started.

Bosa said that while he has been training at full-speed for the past few months, it has only been in the last few weeks that he has felt “like himself” afterwards, without any lingering soreness post-workout. However, Bosa said that he currently feels better than he ever has before.

The defensive end said that there is no rivalry (friendly or otherwise) between him and Haskins in terms of who goes higher in the draft. He said that he wants the best for his former quarterback, and just thinks that it is great that any Buckeye has the potential to be selected first overall.

Bosa said that he will be meeting with the Arizona Cardinals, who currently have the first pick in the draft, on Saturday night after he bench presses. He will participate in the on-field drills on Sunday.

Video courtesy of LGHL and Bleeding Green Nation’s Alexis Chassen