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Watch Ohio State’s Terry McLaurin learn that he would be drafted by the Redskins

Be prepared to cry!

Ohio State wide receiver Terry McLaurin on the phone with Washington Redskins
Twitter | @OhioStateFB

During his final season as Ohio State’s head coach, Urban Meyer’s face would light up any time that he spoke about Washington Redskins third-round selection Terry McLaurin. Not only was McLaurin a reliable pass-catcher — turning in 701 yards and 11 scores — but ESPN’s Todd McShay said on Saturday that McLaurin was the best special teams player of the year.

On Twitter on Saturday, Meyer called McLaurin a “selfless leader.” The Ohio State football program was with McLaurin when he got the call letting him know that he was about to officially become a Washington Redskin in the third round of the NFL Draft.

The ‘Skins took McLaurin’s college quarterback Dwayne Haskins in the first round of the draft, and the QB told reporters that he let his new team know what type of player McLaurin is. The two will now have the opportunity to reconnect in the nation’s capital, and Washington fans are in for a treat in having the wide receiver representing their franchise.