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Ohio State recruiting: Canadian star includes OSU in final list

Buckeyes still in it for 4-star TE Theo Johnson

Theo Johnson

Yesterday marked 100 days until the kick-off of the 2019 season for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Yes, you read that correctly, and being that it’s now under 100 days until the Buckeyes take the field again, the wait probably only feels longer. With little to no updates in the headlines concerning the Buckeye football program, it’s definitely the off-season and news is slow to come by. Recruiting, though, is one area of this program that never ceases and this past week has been no different. Ryan Day and his staff have been all over the country yet again as they sent out offers to new prospects and found themselves still in the thick of things for many of their top guys.

While some recruiting followers may be worried with the current Ohio State class only holding eight commits, good news in favor of the Buckeyes is surely around the corner. As decisions are coming for top targets rather soon, Ryan Day and his class could see some “booms” in the coming weeks.

Buckeyes still in the mix for Canadian Tight-End

Buckeye fans and recruits alike may not really have a true understanding yet of what Ryan Day’s offense will look like when considering the tight end position. With Day and Coach Kevin Wilson now in a place without Urban Meyer, the TE spot may grow with guys like Jeremy Ruckert, a player who can line up outside as a total mismatch for defensive players.

This could be a position that gives the Buckeyes a huge edge in the upcoming season.

How the tight ends play for Ohio State this season may have more of an impact than just in the win column. With the staff keying in on some very talented guys at the position, the current guys need to flourish in order to show that the spot is a well-tuned machine and a pivotal part of the offensive attack. Yesterday, the nation’s third best TE in the 247sports ranking, Theo Johnson, released his top seven schools—and the Buckeyes found themselves still in the thick of things regarding his recruitment. A Windsor, Ontario native, Theo boasts well over 20 offers from some of the nation’s top programs. Getting his list down to seven is impressive, but the Buckeyes will have their work cut out for them as the rest of his top seven also features some very successful schools regarding his position.

Besides Ohio State, his list included Iowa, Penn State, Georgia, Miami, Michigan and Alabama. At 6-foot-6, 245 pounds, the schools listed above have seen Theo’s ability to play both on the line and be a force in the running game, but also split out wide as a total mismatch against a linebacker in coverage.

After seeing Theo compete in person too, his ability to be a true threat in the pass game is impressive. As it stands now, Penn State owns the only crystal ball predictions, but there seems to be plenty of time before this all said and done. If the Buckeyes want to stand a real shot, Theo will have to get on campus again for game day to really see what Ohio State has to offer.

Quick Hit

  • 247sports recruiting analyst Brian Dohn flipped his crystal ball prediction from Penn State to Ohio State in regards to the nation’s best receiver, Julian Fleming. Set to announce his final decision a week from today, all signs are point to Ohio State landing one of the nation’s best and most coveted players.