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Podcast: Let’s talk about that time Vince Young came to Columbus and broke our hearts

Also: that time Ohio State beat Penn State 63-14.

Texas v Ohio State Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

As Ohio State fans, we’re pretty spoiled.

The Buckeyes have enjoyed almost unprecedented success over the last two decades, and the only bad season they’ve had ended in hiring one of the most successful college football coaches of all-time, a national championship, and maybe the greatest run of winning in school history.

That level of success also means the losses hurt. Like really hurt. Just like wins, we all have our own least favorite, but one thing is clear: all losses suck, and we should never talk about them again after they happen. Except that’s what we’re doing today on the Hangout in the Holy Land’s top 20 re-watchable Ohio State games of all-time.

14 years later, we go back and discuss why a loss is this high on our list —cough, the best game of AJ Hawk’s legendary career cough— and why Ohio State should have probably won. The good news is that we also talk about that time the Buckeyes dropped a 49-point ass-whuppin’ on Penn State in 2013, and why that team may have had most powerful offense in school history! Listen below, and scroll down to see our thoughts on both games!

No. 14: Ohio State destroys Penn State 63-14 (2013)

Patrick: God, Braxton Miller was so much fun. We make the comparison of Ohio State’s running game in 2013 to Ohio State’s passing game in 2018, but honestly, the 2013 group was probably even better at running that the 2018 group was at passing. Braxton, Carlos Hyde, and pretty much everyone else that touched the ball was completely unstoppable in this game, and a large part of that is because Tom Herman designed one of the most lethal option attacks ever.

Colton: Possibly the most vicious beatdown on our list. Ohio State probably could have scored 80 if Urban Meyer had really wanted to, and the offense was running at peak performance that night in the shoe. I don’t think a defensive lineman ever touches Carlos Hyde all game, and it’s worth watching just to get a refresher on how devastating their ground game was in 2013.

No. 13: Texas wins a thriller in The Shoe (2005)

Colton: Yell at me if you’re upset about this game being on our list. I caped for it big time, and —despite the loss— it’s lowkey one of my favorite Ohio State games of all-time. This is two titanic programs duking it out for the first time in an instant-classic, and unfortunately the Buckeyes came up short against one of the greatest teams in modern college football history. AJ Hawk has one of the best games you’ll ever see from a linebacker, Vince Young shows why he might be the GOAT, and almost every big play by either team is made by a superstar player. There were two teams better than Ohio State that season: Texas and the USC group that lost a chance to win three straight national titles to Texas. Ohio State showed it could go toe-to-toe with the first, and might’ve gotten a chance at the other if one play broke differently in this game.

Patrick: Colton really had to sell me on this game, because despite my usual demeanor on the show following an Ohio State loss by 30 points to a middling Big Ten team, I don’t enjoy watching Ohio State lose, and this is the only loss on the list. I will say, however, after watching the full broadcast, there is something nostalgic and enjoyable about a massive broadcast from the mid-2000s. On top of that, there’s talent all over the field, and it really feels like Mike Tyson fighting himself, with both teams throwing massive haymakers all game long, until Ohio State decides to put in Justin Zwick, which is still frustrating 14 years later.