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Ohio State recruiting: Buckeyes poised for huge recruiting weekend, RB updates

This weekend is easily Ohio State’s largest recruiting weekend of the year.

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It’s here! The biggest recruiting weekend of the year so far has begun for the Ohio State Buckeyes. And while everyone of course wants the main event to be game day, in the summertime, “recruiting day” will have to do. The Buckeyes will host a whopping 15 prospects on official visits this weekend and with many big names on commit today and throughout the rest of this weekend, Ryan Day and his staff are hoping to set off some early fireworks for the 2020 class.

Any time a program is able to host this number of elite talents at the same time, it may be hard to devote enough attention to each one, but if you’ve learned anything about the Buckeyes in recent years it’s that they recruit with the best of them. And, with all of these athletes getting to know one another and begin to believe in the future of a team at OSU, the next two days will surely be a weekend that will be a key piece to the current 2020 class.

Latest running back updates with 2020 prospects

Probably the most interesting position in terms of recruiting for the 2020 Ohio State class is at running back. What’s less of a “problem” and more of an advantage is that the Buckeyes are in on so many top elite level guys, but at the same time, still have yet to land one at the position for this current cycle. The guys that Ohio State wants in the fold aren’t new names to recruiting followers as each are being recruited by nearly every top program in the country. Without further adieu, let’s get into the latest rumblings in the wild west of running back recruiting.

On May 31, arguably Ohio State’s highest targeted running back, Kendall Milton, started his official visit in Columbus to see the Buckeyes and what they could offer him if he were to choose Ohio State in the end. Blown away by the visit, Milton and his father mainly went out of their way to say that the Buckeyes had outdone themselves with how well the visit went. One aspect they enjoyed the most was the reality that the Buckeye staff had plans for Milton not only on the field, but off the field too after football to ensure he’d be successful. In many cases, when Milton’s visit ended, many top insiders felt the Buckeyes were the team to beat in his recruitment.

Fast forward to now though and it’s true when they say recruiting is like a roller coaster ride. Many times, the current team or visit has the hot hand and that looks to be the case right now with Milton. In fact, Bill Kurelic had his crystal ball pegged toward Ohio State following Kendall’s OSU visit, but now, Milton is wrapping up his time at Georgia and the crystal ball has shifted to the Bulldogs. What’s to make of all of this then? Well, as it looks now, the team with the recent visit such as Georgia seems to have the momentum. It’s important to note that in recruiting, many times the last visit is the one that sticks out the most of course. Ohio State isn’t out of it by any means, but need to get back into Milton’s ear if they want to fend off what seems to be trending right now.

Another 2020 running back who was recently at Ohio State for his official visit was Bijan Robinson, a back who if not 1a on Ohio State’s list, he’s certainly 1b. The Arizona four-star is a back the Buckeyes have long desired to have in their class and their hosting of Robinson like usual was a visit that really stood out for him. Now, only a week removed from his official, the Buckeyes still sit in a really good place for Bijan and the potential for him to make the decision to come to Ohio State. While top target backs usually don’t concern themselves with what other guys do, if Milton were to choose Georgia, it leaves the running back room in Columbus wide open for a guy like Bijan to come in and be “the” guy.

Programs like Texas and other schools closer to home are of course very much still in the fold, but with Bijan himself saying that he still feels very high on the Buckeyes, the staff has to like where they stand for his services and the potential of landing him in their current class. What comes next is to continue to press for Bijan and ensure that he will be a vital piece to their class. If that can continue, Robinson could very well be the top target for the staff and hopefully a committed member of the class.

Last but certainly not least, in-state running back DeaMonte Trayanum of Akron Hoban just finished up his official visit to see the Buckeyes earlier this week. A prospect that’s certainly no stranger around campus, the visit was just another opportunity for the Buckeyes to cement mainly what Trayanum has already known. It’s clear Ohio State wants to take two backs in this class simply due to future depth concerns and DeaMonte is a player that they want in the fold—and can certainly land. The 247sports crystal ball has Ohio State in a large favorite to land him, but it’s not over yet.

So what sense can we make with all of this? It’s a bit of a timeless momentum shift, but the bullet points to take away are that the Buckeyes are not out for any of the guys mentioned here. They are still very much in the thick of things. The trouble, when you’re an elite who attracts national caliber talents, you have to face other elite programs for them. As it stands right now, the Buckeyes may have a better shot at Bijan Robinson than Kendall Milton, but also have a really solid shot at keeping DeaMonte Trayanum at home to round out two stellar guys at the position for the 2020 class. Time however will tell.

Quick Hits:

  • Four-star California native Clark Phillips III will announce his decision today. With him starting his official visit today with Ohio State, it’s a pretty good notion to think that he will choose the Buckeyes. The fourth best corner in the class, Phillips will fill a serious need and be a huge addition to a class that needs defensive talent to coming in.
  • Four-star Ohio native Darrion Henry is back on campus for his official visit. A decision isn’t guaranteed, but is possible if all goes well this weekend. Henry would be another elite player and in-state kid to bolster the 2020 defensive class.