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Podcast: The top 20 re-watchable games in Ohio State history: Terrelle Pryor and Cam Heyward take over

The 2009 team gets some major love as our countdown continues.

Rose Bowl - Ohio State v Oregon Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

2009 was a funny year for Ohio State.

It almost started in disaster until Brian Rolle saved the day versus Navy. Then, it actually turned into a disaster thanks to the two most embarrassing regular season losses—in my opinion, and for different reasons—of the Tressel Era:

The maddest I’ve ever been after an Ohio State game
A real thing that happened

After the Purdue game, Ohio State caught fire. They rolled through their last six regular season games, outscoring opponents 155-48, en route to another Big Ten Title, and their first Rose Bowl since the 1996 season.

On this episode of the Hangout in the Holy Land, we continue our top-20 countdown with two of the most entertaining games from 2009: the 27-24 OT win over Iowa, and the 27-16 win over Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

These are two of the most fun games on our list, and it was tough to keep them outside the top 10. Listen (and read) below for our thoughts on each:

No. 12: Beating Iowa in OT (2009)

Watch the full game here.

Patrick: This week’s games are related, because the first directly led to the second, and while our original list actually had this game one spot higher than the second game, we decided to talk about it first for the sake of narrative. The first of the bunch, 2009 Iowa, is maybe one of my favorite games on this whole list. This is one of my most vivid Ohio State memories, and Devin Barclay knocking through the game winner to send Ohio State to the Rose Bowl, paired with the tremendous defensive stand that came a drive before are truly iconic Buckeye moments.

Oh, and Terrelle Pryor is in this one! He was great! Watch him throw the ball 50 yards in the air with the flick of his wrist. It’s great.

Colton: 10 years later, and I’m still amazed that Kirk Ferentz played for overtime with the Rose Bowl on the line. This is a peak-Tressel era slugfest that turns insane in the fourth quarter thanks to some wild plays on both sides. Ohio State has three or four chances to close it out in the fourth quarter and —SURPRISE— Iowa doesn’t go the hell away. I got a kick out of remembering how big a role Ray Small had on this team somehow, and also how nasty the 2009 defense was. Terrelle Pryor chasing after Devin Barclay after he drills that kick is a moment I’ll never forget.

No. 11: Terrelle Pryor’s Rose Bowl moment (2009 Oregon)

Patrick: Well hey, speaking of Terrelle Pryor, this is... probably his best game in a Buckeye uniform? He does everything in this game, running all over Oregon’s defense with his patented “I look like I’m jogging but I’m actually moving very fast” style that I love more than anything else on this earth.

On top of an elite Pryor performance, this game has maybe the best Cam Heyward game as well. That’s not an overstatement. He was unstoppable in this game. he may have single-handedly won Ohio State this game, because he made it so that Oregon couldn’t run the option, because he kept blowing it up. Heyward and Tyrann Mathieu are maybe the only two football players that can say they stopped the Chip Kelly Oregon offense essentially on their own.

Colton: Ohio State needed to win this game badly. Three straight BCS losses and two regular season L’s to USC left the program’s reputation in a rough spot, and punching Oregon straight in the mouth at the Rose Bowl was a hell of a way to start getting it back.

Patrick talked about TP’s speed, but he also drops a couple filthy stiff arms on Duck defenders that would even make Beanie Wells blush. Other things I enjoyed while re-watching this:

  • How god damn good Ohio State looks on that field wearing white
  • Remembering how excited I was for the 2010 season after DeVier Posey made the TD catch to seal it.

That’s it for the countdown this week. Keep following on iTunes and Spotify, and let us know what you think of our list so far down below!