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Ohio State cracks the top 5 for top safety prospect

The Buckeyes are in the hunt for Lathan Ransom.

Patrick Yew - 247Sports

Plenty has been made about Ohio State’s recruiting on the defensive side of the ball in the 2020 class. The Buckeyes, of course, have just one defender (Lejond Cavazos) committed at this point in early June, and with a new, offense first head coach, the anxiety is understandable, though ultimately misguided (Day is going to recruit defenders, I promise).

Day isn’t the only new coach on the staff. Almost every defensive coach is brand new to Columbus, and it takes time to build relationships when you’re new to a school. It’s especially hard when you’re new to a school that fielded a pretty abysmal defense last season. That’s still fresh in quite a few minds, and Jeff Hafley, Matt Barnes and Al Washington all have to work to assure recruits that the new defense is going to work much better than the old defense.

While the commitment number is small, it seems that those efforts are paying off, and will result in numbers on the board sooner than later. The latest win? Ohio State was included in four-star safety Lathan Ransom’s top five yesterday.

The Buckeyes are joined in that top five with LSU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Texas, a final list that should not surprise. There doesn’t seem to be a runaway leader right now, but Ohio State does have the final visit, and if they can blow him away, I think they’re very much in the running to land him. In fact, right now, I’d predict that the Buckeye do land Ransom.

Ransom is the No. 5 safety in the country, and he sits at 72nd in the 247Sports composite rankings. He also happens to be teammates with Buckeye running back target Bijan Robinson, but the two aren’t a deal, and landing one would only marginally impact the other, IMO.

Kick talk

Folks, we’re talking kicker recruits. Specifically, we’re talking Ohio State’s next kicker, and latest commitment, Cincinnati’s own Jake Seibert is considered by many to be the best kicker in the class of 2020, and I have no reason to doubt.

So, what does this mean? Well, it’s good news, in case you were concerned that it isn’t, for some reason. Seibert is a very talented kicker, and, well, we’ve seen what it’s like when you don’t have one of those during basically the entire Urban Meyer era. Ryan Day doesn’t want to repeat those kicking struggles, and Seibert seems to be the best person to do that.

It certainly isn’t the sexiest recruiting news in the world, but having a very good kicker is going to help Ohio State win games, and I don’t know about y’all, but Ohio State winning games sounds pretty good to me.