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Ranking the 20 most rewatchable games in Ohio State history: Nos. 16 and 15

The 2016 defense shines, and the Buckeyes get revenge against Texas in this week’s episode.

Ohio State Buckeyes v Texas Longhorns Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Who doesn’t love Ohio State laying a nice beatdown on someone?

That’s the theme today as we continue our list of the 20 most rewatchable Ohio State games of all-time, and break down two times where the Buckeyes showed their dominance in different ways. If you want to keep up with our list, check out the first two episodes here and here, and follow the Hangout in the Holy Land on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify

The first four games on our list almost all came down to the last play, so it’s time to switch it up. Let’s get into that time the Ohio State defense grounded Nebraska into dust, and when Troy Smith in the Buckeyes got some revenge in Austin.

No. 16: Ohio State rips Nebraska 62-3 (2016)

Patrick: This was really the last great beatdown of the Urban Meyer, and boy, it was just enormous. Nebraska was, at this point, seemingly a pretty good team, and Ohio State made them look like one of the worst teams in the country, especially when the Buckeye defense was on the field. That defense is what we spend most of the episode talking about. The 2016 offense was still largely bad, even in a massive win, but that defense, held together by roughly 30 future NFLers, is still delightful to watch, especially if you need a palate cleanse after 2018.

Colton: Just a beatdown of epic proportions. I remember being nervous about this game because Ohio State looked dreadful against Northwestern the week before, and Nebraska came in ranked 10th and was 7-1 at the time. Turns out there was nothing to be nervous about, because this one was over in three plays.

The 62 points are great, but the real reason to watch is because of the defense. The Clemson game rightfully made us all want to forget everything that happened that year, but the 2016 defense was nasty, and this was one of their masterpieces. Malik Hooker is everywhere, Tyquan Lewis and Sam Hubbard obliterate the Nebraska O-line, and if you want to remember what good linebacker play at Ohio State looked like, here you go. Also watch for Curtis Samuel explosions, and freshman Demario McCall (???) somehow leading the team in rushing.

No. 15: Ohio State gets revenge on Texas (2006)

Patrick: Colton is wrong on this game. It’s good as hell, baby, and let me tell you why. Firstly, it has Troy Smith operating at full capacity, which was delightful for the entire 2006 season. It also has Ted Ginn gashing a great Longhorns defense, a young but rapidly developing Buckeye defense, and a ton of talent all over the field. The final score isn’t particularly close, but if you want to watch Ohio State put a whooping on a top-10 team (why wouldn’t you), this is the game for you.

Colton: I’ll admit: In terms of straight up rewatchability, I don’t think this is top 20. It’s cool that Ohio State went into Austin and got revenge after what happened in 2005 —more on that game soon— but Ohio State knew they were better than a very young Texas team, got the lead and sat on it.

On the flipside, they were the top two ranked teams in the country, James Laurinaitis had his breakout game, and Troy Smith completely diced the UT defense with Anthony Gonzalez and Ted Ginn. Beating Texas also rules. This win set the tone for 2006, and it’s pretty cool to remember that they played three 1 vs 2 games that season.

I’ll also leave a take here at the bottom and hope no one sees it: Talking about this game reminded me that I think the 2005 team would wreck 2006. We’ll discuss that more next week.