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Podcast: The 20 most re-watchable Ohio State games of all-time: We don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan

Classic road wins over UM and MSU take us into the top 10.

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images

Pissed off Ohio State is the best Ohio State.

Through the Urban Meyer era, the Buckeyes usually played their best when they had a point to prove. Meyer also thrived in the underdog role, going 7-0 straight up in his seven seasons, and 18-9 in his career overall. The next two games in our list of the 20 most rewatchable Ohio State games of all-time —on the Hangout in the Holy Land— fall under both criteria, and showcase why they were almost impossible to beat when they played angry.

The first was mostly because of a fiasco the week before, and the dream of repeating as national champions basically dead. The second was for revenge, and ultimately a springboard to a national championship. Both games were the Buckeyes at their best under Meyer. Listen below, and scroll down to watch and read our thoughts on each game.

No 10: Michigan gets wrecked part I (2015)

Colton: Never forget:

2015 Ohio State is going to go down as one of the most interesting teams in recent memory. A collection of some of the best talent in program history —and if things keep up, NFL history— sleepwalk through most of the season trying to repeat as national champions before having the dumbest loss ever against Michigan State. Then they absolutely demolish a pretty good Michigan in Jim Harbaugh’s first taste of The Game as a head coach, finally living up to what they’d been the year before. The MSU loss will always sting, but this is still cathartic to watch, even four years later.

Patrick: This game is a blast, though unlike a few others on a list, it mostly, in my mind, has to be enjoyed on an individual basis and without as much context for the 2015 season on the whole, because the 2015 season sucked and should be forgotten. The small context that you should have is just remembering how hyped up Michigan was about this game, only to immediately have their dreams dashed by Ohio State remembering that they have the best halfback in America.

No 9: Revenge on Michigan State (2014)

Colton: This is my favorite Ohio State game of all-time. My behavior during this one was unbelievably poor —listen to the episode to hear why— but I’ll never forget feeling like the 2014 team was onto something special by the time the clock hit zero. J.T. Barrett has arguably the game of his career, and Zeke lets everyone know he’s for real. I love this game with all of my soul.

Patrick: This game is such a banger. It’s back and forth until the fourth quarter, and it really has the feel of a massive, heavyweight fight that we just don’t see in the Big Ten very often. This is another one of those games where pretty much every play seems to be a massive death blow, and the last first half turnaround is one of the more stunning and exciting things I can remember as a Buckeye fan. Oh, and J.T. showed the hell up, for maybe the best game in his entire career.