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Ohio State coaches have a truly stunning lack of knowledge about the 2010s

“Spy Kids? I don’t know.”

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

As part of a series that Ohio State started yesterday with current players guessing (poorly) things from the 90s, the Buckeyes released a video today of five current coaches (Ryan Day, Brian Hartline, Al Washington, Kevin Wilson and Matt Barnes) attempting to name off the big topics of the day, ranging from Fortnite to Kodak Black and even Stranger Things.

Their answers? Well, it’s safe to say that the Buckeye coaches should stick to football and refrain from becoming social media managers any time soon.

While the group on the whole is uh, less than impressive, I will give credit to Matt Barnes for seemingly knowing his stuff, and to Ryan Day for guessing Lil Pump’s name seemingly completely at random.

ESPN Previews Ohio State

You’ll never believe this, but Ohio State is probably gonna be pretty good again in 2019, and ESPN’s new numbers guru Bill Connelly has the stats to support that. S&P+ lists Ohio State at sixth heading into the season, and projects nearly ten wins for the Buckeyes. FPI is a little lower on Ohio State, but it’s heavily influenced by returning production at key positions, and Ohio State is replacing Nick Bosa and Dwayne Haskins.

“This is a long way of saying that with Meyer retiring last winter following a controversial and at times uncomfortable fall in Columbus, Ryan Day takes over at a time when the bar is even more impossibly high than normal. The next time Ohio State wins fewer than 11 games or finishes worse than 12th in the AP poll will be the first time since 2011.

The odds that any of those things happens in 2019? Not that great. And that’s an amazing thing to say about a team that just lost a legendary coach, the No. 2 pick in the draft (Nick Bosa), a first-round quarterback (Dwayne Haskins), seven other picks and most of the starting offense.”

Ohio State fans seem to have a bit of a vendetta against ESPN for some perceived slight against the Buckeyes (this is, to be clear, nonsense, ESPN doesn’t hate your team), but this is good stuff. Bill is as sharp as they come, and when he says the Buckeyes are going to be good despite key losses, it’s pretty easy to feel good about what Ryan Day’s first year should look like.

Buckeye commit Grant Toutant has an unconventional talent

It’s pretty obvious that four-star offensive tackle commit Grant Toutant has elite athleticism on film, but as it turns out, the Buckeye pledge is even more than just athletic, he’s a former gymnast. Per MLive:

“My mom started me in classes when I was about 3 years old. I needed to burn some energy because I was a hyper kid,” he said. “I probably would have stuck with it, but I had a big growth spurt in fourth grade. I was missing where my hand was hitting the bar. I didn’t know where my body was because I was growing so much.”

Toutant is a bit of a developmental prospect, but that athletic base should make the learning process really smooth for him once he arrives on campus. It’s easy to see him developing into a star at Ohio State.

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