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Podcast: The top 20 re-watchable games in Ohio State history - No. 6: M Go Blowout

We have a feeling this game is going to age very well!

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll admit; heading into last year’s Michigan game, I was skeptical that Ohio State would win. In fact, I picked them to lose outright. The after effects from the Purdue loss, plus whatever the Maryland game was left me in with a strong sense that 2018 was unfortunately the end of the Buckeyes’ dominance in The Game. I’ve never been more happy to be wrong.

Not only did Ohio State win, but they put a historic beatdown on the Wolverines, and clinched the Buckeyes’ second straight Big Ten East title. Little did we know it would also be Urban Meyer’s final game at Ohio Stadium, and a fitting way to cap his dominance over the Team Up North since coming to Columbus.

Check out this episode of the Hangout in the Holy Land below, and listen Patrick Mayhorn explain why this game is No. 6 on our list, laugh about how wrong we were, and even talk a little bit about Jim Harbaugh’s recent comments on Meyer.

Patrick: I was a little concerned about how we would rehash this one, given that it happened just about eight months ago, but as it turns out, there’s never a bad time to rewatch and talk about Ohio State absolutely shredding Michigan’s top ranked defense. I’m still a little frustrated with the Buckeye defense, but god that offense was so fun to watch, and I think this is a game we’re going to be looking back on for years as one of the most dominant offensive performances in school history.

Colton: It’s still probably too soon to know what the true impact of this game is going to be long-term, but Michigan was lucky it wasn’t worse. Outside of the Tate Martell goal line package, and DeMario McCall’s kickoff return fumble, there isn’t much to not love here. Dwayne Haskins puts on a show, Parris Campbell makes Michigan’s defense look like it belongs in 1981, and Shaun Wade lays a couple of vicious hits on poor Michigan ball carriers. So much for Karan Higdon guaranteeing that win.