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Ohio State seeking fan input for newest shirt design

The Buckeyes want fans to vote on their next shirt!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 13 Ohio State Spring Game Photo by Adam Lacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Talking Tees

Each summer for the last few years, Ohio State has seeked the voice of the fans when it comes to design choices for Buckeye Nike shirts. It’s a fun, easy way to get fans involved and give the people what they want, and this year, Ohio State is dipping back into the well with three new shirt designs that Buckeye fans can vote on.

If it was up to me? I think the best option is pretty obviously the first one. It’s clean, it gets the point across, and it’s easily the sleekest of the bunch. However, it isn’t up to me. It’s up to the fans, and if those fans want their voices heard, they should get out and vote!

Should the Buckeyes have taken a bowl ban in 2011?

There are about a billion hypotheticals that we could spend hours on throughout the history of Ohio State football, but one of the more realistic and interesting centers around Tatgate, and the choice by Ohio State to avoid imposing a bowl ban in 2011, which directly resulted in Ohio State’s 2012 bowl ban. Ohio State, of course, went just 6-6 in 2011, before losing to Florida in a meaningless bowl game.

So, what if Ohio State had implemented a bowl ban for that 2011 season, and entered the Urban Meyer era eligible for a title in 2012? The Ozone’s Tom Orr looked today at this exact hypothetical:

“It isn’t the most talented team of the Urban Meyer era, but there is more than enough firepower to beat the rattled Irish, 31-20. In his first season, Meyer has brought a national championship to Columbus.”

I agree with a whole lot of this hypothetical. I think Ohio State very well could’ve won the 2012 title against a good not great Notre Dame, and that would’ve been quite the way to kick off the Meyer era. Now, I’m not so sure about Ohio State becoming a dominant force, sending Nick Saban to hell, and winning two more titles in 2014 and 2015, but it’s a fun hypothetical and a fun thought exercise in general.

Buckeye star Blake Lesson set to suit up for the USA

Former Ohio State’s men’s volleyball star Blake Lesson is set to play on a massive stage over the next few weeks at the 2019 World University Games. He’s part of the United States national team, who started their tournament against South Korea, and will continue tomorrow against China at 2 p.m. ET.

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