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Ryan Day takes the podium on day one of fall practice

The season is officially upon us.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

School is in session

In case you missed it, Ohio State opened fall practice earlier today, and we’ve got you covered for everything Buckeye in our fall camp story stream, with articles, news, and podcasts to come nearly every day for the next month as we approach Ohio State-FAU on Aug. 31

That isn’t the only news of the day. As per usual, Ryan Day took the podium this afternoon, and while most of the presser was just about getting back into the swing of things, there are some key quotes that we’ve included for your convenience:

Day said of the offensive line that he “feel[s] as good as I’ve felt in the past couple years in terms of our depth.”

While I’m not sure about how valid that is from a pure numbers perspective, it is encouraging that Day seems to be pretty high on the line. The line is the biggest concern on this team, and while Day didn’t comment on the starters, good depth would be a big deal. Day also said that linemen will be rotating a lot during fall practice.

Day stated that he’d “be disappointed if all three of those guys weren’t really good this year,” when speaking about cornerbacks Damon Arnette, Jeff Okudah and Shaun Wade.

Day also noted that the number of captains Ohio State will have depends on the number that the team votes for.

Lastly, Day said that JK Dobbins has lost even more body fat this offseason, after entering the summer with an already low body fat percentage.

Billy Price back

It’s been a tough start in the NFL for Billy Price. On a bad team, he’s struggled with consistency and more importantly, injuries. He missed six games in 2018 with a foot injury, and spent the offseason rehabbing that injury.

While he still may not be 100 percent, he is officially activated, according to ProFootballTalk.

Does this mean a ton right now? No, probably not. I don’t imagine we’ll see a ton of Price in the preseason, so it likely just means that they think he will be healthy enough to play week one. Let’s hope that they’re right, and Billy is ready for a season with a clean bill of health.

Today in practice, Price took snaps. And then...

Let's hope it isn't serious.

If you’re someone who really enjoys coachspeak and platitudes, I’ve got just the podcast for you! Ohio State athletic director is set to launch his own podcast on Aug. 5, which makes him roughly the 300th person in or formerly in Ohio State athletics to launch a podcast.

If you’re looking for a podcast with substance, or really anything of interest at all, allow me to introduce you to the Hangout in the Holy-Land, now available on Spotify!

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