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Podcast: Discussing Ohio State advanced analytics with Chad Peltier

What do the numbers tell us about Ohio State in 2019?

Chad Peltier
Land-Grant Holy Land

On Land-Grant Holy Land In Conversation, we talk to people in and around Ohio State athletics, and the sporting world at large, to bring you a different insight and perspective to the teams, athletes, and university that you love.

On today’s episode, we speak to one of our own, LGHL and Football Outsider’s Chad Peltier. He gives us a bit of a crash course on college football advanced analytics, what they mean, what they tell us, and how they can help us understand the game better.

They talk about what the stats tell us about the Ohio State Buckeyes going into 2019 and how their recruiting prowess foreshadows on the field outcomes.

Chad explains why efficiency is the most indicative stat in determining success on the field. He also talks about how you can figure out if a team is performing efficiently without running the numbers from your couch.

Matt and Chad also discuss the future of Bill Connelly’s beloved S&P+ statistics. After they recorded, Connelly — now of ESPN — announced that the data would be known as SP+.

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