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Podcast: Can FAU do anything to keep Saturday’s game close?

Chatting with Underdog Dynasty about Lane Kiffin and the Owls.

North Texas v Florida Atlantic Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Ohio State Buckeyes football is back, and that means the illustrious and award-winning Hangout in the Holy Land preview podcasts are back. On this episode, I chat with Underdog Dynasty’s Cyrus Smith about how Lane Kiffin is doing at FAU, being upset that we didn’t get Urban Meyer/Lane Kiffin II, and whether the Owls can do anything to keep the score close on Saturday.

Show rundown

  • Our new show plan for the season
  • How does FAU’s fanbase feel about Lane Kiffin?
  • Kiffin and Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis Jr. have to establish an identity, and it starts with QB Chris Robison.
  • Can the defense improve, and how do they plan to attack Ohio State?
  • Odds we see an early trick play/fake punt from FAU?
  • The path for FAU keeping the game close
  • Predictions