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Ohio State likely not interested in Brenton Cox; very interested in Kevontre Bradford

The Buckeyes aren’t likely to pursue Brenton Cox.

Georgia v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

No real interest in Brenton Cox

It’s pretty easy to see why fans would be drawn to reports that a former Ohio State commit is transferring away from his school, especially when that former Ohio State commit is a former five-star defensive end, but I think those rumors can be all but shot down with regards to Georgia’s Brenton Cox.

Cox, for those of you out of the loop, has entered the transfer portal as of yesterday, after being kicked off of the team at Georgia. This comes on the heels of a run in with the law a few months back, and a rocky first year in Athens for Cox. Now, with the ability to transfer elsewhere, you’d think his recruiting runner-up would be an option, right?

Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Cox’s troubles are certainly a concern, as are the struggles he had on the field at Georgia, and frankly, I don’t think Ohio State wants to take the risk on bringing him in. He could be a good defensive end but he is right now a linebacker with a lot to learn.

Will they think about it? Sure. Will they do it? Don’t bank on it.

Looking into Bradford

We’ve talked about it in this column before, specifically when he was offered last week, but Kevontre Bradford is very quickly becoming a name to know in Ohio State recruiting. The 5-foot-11, 190-pound Texas product seems to be a great fit for Day’s offense, and has expressed plenty of interest in visiting Ohio State sooner than later.

With E.J. Smith and Michael Drennen II both looking to carry their recruitments deep into the cycle, there could be a spot open for Bradford if he decides that he wants to move quickly. He seems to be very interested in the Buckeyes, and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he takes advantage of that and looks to get to campus very soon. If that visit goes well, just about anything could happen, including a very quick commitment.

So, what would that mean for the Buckeyes? What can Bradford do for Ohio State? Well, he looks to be about the perfect fit for this offense. He has tremendous straight line speed, the kind that immediately makes you think “track star” (Bradford does run track at a very high level). He’s not particularly shifty or physical, but he’s a willing blocker and receiver, and that, paired with his blazing speed, makes him a very attractive option for a pass first offense.

So, would the Buckeyes take him right now? I think so. I think if any of Smith/Drennen/Bradford want in they will be accepted, and I would be pretty surprised if Bradford doesn’t end up in the class, at least as things stand right now.