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Podcast: Burn Down the Big Ten, Episode 3

Ohio State, Maryland, and Iowa all looked stellar in Week 2, but Ben and George offer differing takes on Michigan and Nebraska.

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

George Eisner and Ben Goren are lifelong friends. George is an Ohio State grad, while Ben is a Northwestern alum. Every week, they will break down all of the action around the Big Ten while trying to make sure that their loyalties don’t color their judgement too badly.

With Week 2 in the rear view, Ben and I begin with alternative interpretations of Michigan’s shaky win over Army from the weekend. From there, we discuss our impressions and outlooks for both Maryland and Ohio State after their substantial victories, then dump a bucket of cold water all over the Michigan State’s offense.

We wrap up with some praise of Iowa, some jabs at Nebraska, and then Ben offers some shocking optimism on Northwestern’s game this week with UNLV.

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Show rundown:

  • Was Michigan’s performance against Army a fluke, or a sign of what’s to come?
  • How terrified should the rest of the B1G East be of Maryland?
  • Are we totally sold on Ohio State yet for both sides of the ball?
  • Why you shouldn’t buy too much into Michigan State’s offensive success against WMU.
  • Some brief thoughts on Iowa’s success and Nebraska’s struggles.

Listen to the episode here: