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Game day Twitter round up: Ohio State vs. Indiana, ‘Big Nude Saturday’

All of the best tweets from around the game day Twitterverse

If there’s anything that can make Ohio State game days better, it’s when fans take to Twitter with their reactions, gifs, sarcasm, jokes, and smack talk. We’ve rounded up some of today’s best tweets across the College Football Game Day Twitterverse.


I mean, it can’t hurt.

Let’s hope Wiami gets it together before next weekend, eh?!

Thank you for the clarification.

Definitely don’t want to get the two of them confused.

I mean, three points are better than zero...

If you see Olave with his phone on the sidelines, this is why.

Trying to set this video as my phone background as we speak.

Oh yeah, Michigan, we forgot to tell you—Chris Olave is good. Haha oops!

I’ve been googling Olave jerseys.


(It is only the second quarter)

We did the math. Seven. Seven Hoosiers tried to stop him.

Nothing new here.

Put him in, coach!

I mean it’s only Indi—you know what, fine. Bring on ‘Bama.

Ba Dum Tss!

“Ight Imma head out”

A new list—this one making less sense, but also, I agree.

Where can a guy go to get a tackle around here?!


We’re going to move down to No. 7, aren’t we?

T G I F !

You didn’t think we’d get through this round up without belittling TTUN did you?

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