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Ohio State fans are very confident in the Buckeyes, while FanPulse keeps them at No. 6

Ranking stays at No. 6, confidence stays at 100%.

Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

Another week, another Buckeye beat down. While the Ohio State Buckeyes’ 51-10 win over the Indiana Hoosiers didn’t do much to change their standing in the AP, Coaches, or SB Nation FanPulse polls, it certainly helped maintain OSU fans’ confidence in the direction of the program.

As they were in last week’s SB Nation FunPulse Top 25, the Buckeyes sit in sixth, behind No. 1 Clemson, No. 2 Alabama, and No. 3 Georgia. However, following Week 3, Oklahoma and LSU flip-flopped, so that the Tigers are in fourth, and the Sooners in fifth.

However, those numbers look a little different in the Land-Grant Holy Land version of the poll, where the Bucks sit in third behind Clemson and ‘Bama. In the LGHL poll, OSU’s Oct. 26 opponent the Wisconsin Badgers is the second-highest rated Big Ten team coming in at No. 11. TTUN is at 13th (two spots lower than in the national SBN poll), and Penn State is in 14th.

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Other B1G teams in the LGHL Top 25 are Iowa (18), somehow Michigan State (22), and Maryland (24); really guys? Oddly, that’s not B1G bias on the last two teams — both of whom lost — to unranked opponents this weekend, because MSU and Maryland came in at the exact same spots in the national poll as well.

Check out both the LGHL and SBN polls below:

FanPulse Top 25 | Week 3

Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
1 Clemson Clemson - Clemson Clemson
2 Alabama Alabama - Alabama Alabama
3 Ohio State Georgia 3 Ohio State Georgia
4 Georgia LSU -1 Georgia Oklahoma
5 LSU Oklahoma -1 LSU LSU
6 Oklahoma Ohio State -1 Oklahoma Ohio State
7 Notre Dame Notre Dame - Florida Florida
8 Auburn Auburn - Notre Dame Notre Dame
9 Utah Utah - Auburn Auburn
10 Florida Florida - Utah Michigan
11 Wisconsin Michigan 2 Texas Texas
12 Texas Texas - Michigan Utah
13 Michigan Wisconsin -2 Penn State Penn State
14 Penn State Penn State - Wisconsin Texas A&M
15 UCF UCF - Texas A&M Oregon
16 Oregon Oregon - Washington Wisconsin
17 Texas A&M Texas A&M - Oregon Washington
18 Iowa Iowa - UCF UCF
19 Washington State Washington State - Michigan State Michigan State
20 Boise State Boise State - Iowa Iowa
21 Washington Washington - Maryland Washington State
22 Michigan State Michigan State - Washington State Maryland
23 Virginia Virginia - Iowa State Iowa State
24 Maryland Maryland - Mississippi State Mississippi State
25 Arizona State Arizona State - Army USC

The other aspect of the FanPulse survey is for every fan to answer whether or not they are confident in the direction of the program. Despite the big conference win, the confidence in the direction of the program dipped from 100 percent last week to just 98.6 percent this week. What more do you people want?