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Discussing the new roughing the passer rule, a sexist baseball article, ‘The Rapinoe’ celebration, and more

The article is called “Answers to Ladies’ Questions about Baseball” and the year is apparently 1950.

Soccer: Womens World Cup-USA vs Netherlands Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

On LGHL’s podcast Play Like a Girl, we talk all things Ohio State football, and talk to and about women in and around Ohio State athletics.

In the fourth episode, Tia and Meredith discuss the NFL’s new roughing the passer rule, why its good for the sport, and the sexist comments associated with the rule.

They also read excerpts and give their opinions on an article published by, titled ‘Carlton Fletcher: Answers to Ladies’ Questions about Baseball.’

They end the show on a more positive note (in other words, they don’t end on Carlton), by discussing Alabama running back Najee Harris on doing “The Rapinoe” celebration after his touchdown in Saturday’s game.

Check out the podcast below, and make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts:

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