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Ohio State blowing out Miami, TTUN getting blown out makes for a very good day on Twitter

Who has it better than M*ch*g*n?!?!

If there’s anything that can make Ohio State game days better, it’s when fans take to Twitter with their reactions, gifs, sarcasm, jokes, and smack talk. We’ve rounded up some of today’s best tweets across the College Football Game Day Twitterverse.

There’s really no other word for it.

“Jim? No my name isn’t Jim. It’s uhhh.. Tim. Tim Harbo.”

Siri, what’s heaven like?

Michigan’s bad-ness literally broke the internet.

It do.


Let’s just forget that ever happened.

Not my favorite strategy.

Maybe that’s our problem?

Take THAT, Redhawks!

What did Ryan Day say to his team after the first quarter? I want to listen to it on repeat when I’m on the stairclimber.

They saw Indiana do it and they were like “THAT...that right there is a game plan.”

An invisibility cloak? I don’t know. That’s all I’ve got.

Two missed opportunities. Sigh.

No argument. That seems to be the consensus.

Sir, Eddie George declared for the draft a long time ago.

Can’t wait for my grandpa to see this. (He turned the TV off after Miami’s safety).

Jeff Okudah is number 1, so you can see the confusion.

Oh, Chris Chugunov must be in for Fields.

Garrett Wilson :) is :) a true freshman :)

Big fan of whoever is scoring touchdowns at the moment.

Ahhh yes, the Ohio State pettiness that I live and breathe for.


The game was called due to lightening*

*to put Miami out of its misery