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SB Nation FanPulse keeps Ohio State at No. 6, Buckeye fans drop them to No. 4

Also, Michigan fans are very much not confident in the direction of their program.

Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

After the Ohio State Buckeyes pulverized the hapless Miami-Ohio RedHawks on Saturday to the tune of 76-5, the AP Voters saw fit to move OSU back up a spot to No. 5 in their poll. However, the coaches kept the Buckeyes at sixth in their rankings.

Coming into the Miami game, Ohio State was at No. 6 in the SB Nation FanPulse Top 25, but No. 3 in the Land-Grant Holy Land poll. On Monday, the Buckeyes stayed at sixth with the national SBN rankings, but fell in our own LGHL Buckeye-fan Top 25. They now sit at fourth behind Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia.

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In fact, no SBN site had the Buckeyes higher than fourth, while only three team sites (Auburn, Ole Miss, and West Virginia) had OSU at seventh. The Bucks averaged a 5.735 ranking amongst all of the team blog rankings.

Check out both the LGHL and SBN polls below:

FanPulse Top 25 | Sept. 23

Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
1 Clemson Clemson - Clemson Clemson
2 Alabama Alabama - Alabama Alabama
3 Georgia Georgia - Ohio State Georgia
4 Ohio State LSU 1 Georgia LSU
5 LSU Oklahoma -1 LSU Oklahoma
6 Oklahoma Ohio State -1 Oklahoma Ohio State
7 Auburn Auburn - Notre Dame Notre Dame
8 Wisconsin Wisconsin - Auburn Auburn
9 Florida Florida - Utah Utah
10 Texas Texas - Florida Florida
11 Penn State Notre Dame 1 Wisconsin Michigan
12 Notre Dame Penn State -1 Texas Texas
13 Oregon Oregon - Michigan Wisconsin
14 Iowa Utah 1 Penn State Penn State
15 Utah Iowa -1 UCF UCF
16 Michigan State Texas A&M 1 Oregon Oregon
17 Texas A&M Michigan State -1 Texas A&M Texas A&M
18 USC Michigan 3 Iowa Iowa
19 Boise State Boise State - Washington State Washington State
20 Washington Washington - Boise State Boise State
21 Michigan USC -3 Washington Washington
22 Washington State UCF 1 Michigan State Michigan State
23 UCF Washington State -1 Virginia Virginia
24 Virginia Virginia - Maryland Maryland
25 Cal Cal - Arizona State Arizona State

However, the SBN FanPulse is not just about the Top 25, as this week it introduced a question of what Top 25 team fans thought was the most overrated. There were seven options, and even though I bristled at Ohio State’s initial inclusion, I am glad to see that the totality of SB Nation realized that the Buckeyes are not overrated, and picked the most obvious of candidates amongst the bunch. Also, I would dare say that Ohio State is actually underrated, but that’s for another column.

SBN FanPulse | Week 4 Overrated Survey

Team Percentage
Team Percentage
Michigan 60.24%
Florida 14.98%
UCF 9.38%
Notre Dame 6.71%
Utah 4.09%
Texas 3.25%
Ohio State 1.36%

Finally, the FanPulse survey also measures the confidence that fans have in their specific program, and after a dip to 98.6 percent last week, the totality of LGHL participants have full confidence in the direction of the Ohio State program, so it is back up to the full 100 percent. Go Bucks!

Just as a point of comparison, the confidence level of Michigan fans has gone from 92.4 percent following Week 1 to 12.7 percent following their humiliating loss to Wisconsin this weekend. Who’s got it better than us?