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Game day Twitter round up: Ohio State vs. Nebraska


There once was a time, long ago, when college football fans could only troll Michigan on one November Saturday of the year. That simply wasn’t enough. So, they created Twitter— a world that allows you to talk smack to Michigan fans, players, and staff anytime, anywhere.

Now, Twitter users everywhere can watch Wisconsin beat Michigan and harass Jim Harbaugh from the comfort of their own homes.

“You suck, @CoachJim4UM” *Send Tweet*

And Ohio State fans lived happily ever after.

While there wasn’t much Michigan content on Twitter today (it was their bye mean...they beat Rutgers 52-0) we still rounded up some of today’s best tweets from across the College Football Game Day Twitterverse.

Gabrielle Union throwing shade at the Buckeyes on College Game Day and, honestly, I’m honored.

Justin Fields > Corn Fields

We kind of deserve this, don’t we?

Okay now you’re just being silly.



If you jinxed us, Ringo, I will find you...

I got a journalism degree so I wouldn’t have to do math, okay?

This energy and this energy only.

I’m...I’m speechless.

King James has spoken.

Hello, Adrian? Hi, yes. Just wanted to let you know that your receivers are the one’s wearing red. Sorry for the confusion!

What does he know?

John Legend retweeted us so we’re officially very full of ourselves.

Checking in on Corn Nation....

Can we just let them score one for grandma?!


See you in February, Brady!

Shhh. We’re trying to enjoy the short time we have left together.

No no. Us Ohio State fans are very humble and realistic and we never jump to con—I’m sorry I can’t keep a straight face. We’re THE™ best team in the nation.

Clemson who almost lost to North Carolina who lost to Appalachian State

I don’t know what they’re saying but I. AM. PUMPED.

You gotta be more specific, Cam.

The second best fans in the land.