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Ohio State moves to No. 1 in LGHL’s FanPulse survey

The Buckeyes move up in the national SB Nation poll as well.

Leave it to Mack Brown to topple a dynasty! Even though Brown’s North Carolina Tar Heels didn’t even beat the Clemson Tigers (seriously, what was that option call?), Saturday’s game was enough to knock the defending national champions off of the top of SB Nation’s FanPulse rankings for the first time in the 2019 season. At the same time, the Ohio State Buckeyes have moved up from sixth to fourth following their obliteration of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

And while the national movement for the Buckeyes towards the top of the poll is nice, after the Ohio State fans in the Land-Grant Holy Land specific poll actually had the gaul (no offense) to move OSU down a spot last week, they have responded with the insight and depth of understanding that I expect out of the greatest fanbase in all of college sports; Ohio State is now the No. 1 team in LGHL’s FanPulse poll!

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LGHL readers are a loyal bunch, as for the most part, we ranked Big Ten teams higher than their national counterparts did, but we were also seemingly loyal to former Buckeye backup Joe Burrow, as we have the LSU Tigers higher than the rest of the country did.

Check out both the LGHL and SBN polls below:

FanPulse Rankings | Sept. 30

Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
1 OHIO STATE Alabama 3 Clemson Clemson
2 Alabama Clemson -1 Alabama Alabama
3 LSU Georgia 2 Georgia Georgia
5 Clemson LSU -3 LSU Oklahoma
6 Oklahoma Oklahoma - Oklahoma OHIO STATE
7 Auburn Auburn - Auburn Auburn
8 Wisconsin Wisconsin - Wisconsin Wisconsin
9 Florida Florida - Florida Florida
10 Penn State Notre Dame 1 Texas Texas
11 Notre Dame Penn State -1 Penn State Notre Dame
12 Texas Texas - Notre Dame Penn State
13 Iowa Oregon 1 Oregon Oregon
14 Oregon Iowa -1 Iowa Utah
15 Washington Boise State 1 Utah Iowa
16 Boise State Washington -1 Michigan State Texas A&M
17 Utah Utah - Texas A&M Michigan State
18 Cal Cal - USC Michigan
19 Virginia Virginia - Boise State Boise State
20 Michigan Michigan - Washington Washington
21 UCF UCF - Michigan USC
22 Michigan State Texas A&M 2 Washington State UCF
23 USC USC - UCF Washington State
24 Texas A&M Michigan State -2 Virginia Virginia
25 Wake Forest Arizona State N/A Cal Cal

In addition to the weekly polls, the SBN FanPulse also asks a few other questions on a weekly basis. This week, it asked which school should fire their head coach first. Obviously the voting ended before news came out that former Ohio State coordinator Chris Ash had been let go at Rutgers, but it is interesting that across the country, more people thought that Jeremy Pruitt should be the first to go.

Which coach should be fired first (oops)?

Team Percentage
Team Percentage
Tennessee 24.9
Rutgers 24.1
Florida State 14.1
Virginia Tech 13.4
USC 9.6
Arkansas 5

And finally, for the second week in a row — and third time on the season — every single Land-Grant Holy Land reader who participated in the survey is confident in the direction of the Ohio State program. Sounds about right to me.

If you would like to participate in the SBN and LGHL FanPulse surveys, you can sign up HERE!