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Game day Twitter round up: Ohio State vs. Cincinnati

Game Day-Twitter is the best kind of Twitter

If there’s anything that can make Ohio State game days better, it’s when fans take to Twitter with their reactions, gifs, sarcasm, jokes, and smack talk. We’ve rounded up some of today’s best tweets across the College Football Game Day Twitterverse.

Antonio Brown was released by the Raiders approximately two minutes before kickoff.

It can only go up from here, folks!

Justin Fields scores a rushing touchdown and the puns are alive and well!

Meanwhile, in Ann Arbor :)



Is that good?

Shaun Wade: “I can’t let you do that”

JK Dobbins takes it 60 yards to the house. No more questions, please.

Why yes, yes we are. Thanks for noticing.

Michigan fans have to listen to Urban Meyer analyze their team at half time. Ahhh...that’s the stuff.

He’s beauty, he’s grace.

You don’t know how many rushing yards I have!

Unranked Maryland leading No. 21 Syracuse 49-13 in the second half. We love an upset.

And he’s only a freshman *heart eyes*.

Another sack by Chase Young, the Buckeyes’ fourth of the game. If there’s anyone I don’t want to be today, it’s the Bearcat’s quarterback.

Of course they do.

Fields runs it in for a 4-yard TD! Buckeyes: 35 Bearcats: 0.

Sorry, Cincinnati, this is OUR state.

Borland with one interception, Young with zero. Stats don’t lie!

Glad we could help, Coach Day!

I mean, they make it too easy.

We’d follow him!

C’mon guys, do it for Fickell.

Buckeyes beat Cincinnati 42-0. Here’s a shameless plug to go read our game recap!

Let’s check in on Michig—oh, okay.

You were BORN for this, Army kicker!

Annnnd he missed. Going into overtime in The Big House!


Army fumbles in double OT. Michigan recovers to win the game. Buckeye fans everywhere are jumping off the Army bandwagon. Oh well...

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