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Ohio State fans fully confident in Week 2 SB Nation FanPulse

LGHL fans also moved the Buckeyes up to No. 3, dropped TTUN to 12th.

Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

Despite the fact that the Ohio State Buckeyes demolished the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday, 42-0, on Sunday, the AP and Coaches Polls moved the LSU Tigers above OSU, pushing the Buckeyes down to No. 6.

Today, the SB Nation FanPulse concurred with the national polls, as Ohio State again moved back a spot sixth. However, the Land-Grant Holy Land readers — in their infinite wisdom — actually moved the Buckeyes up from fifth to third after the big win over UC.

Unsurprisingly, the Buckeyes had the biggest difference between the LGHL and SBN polls at +3 points. Ohio State fans had Utah and Wisconsin two spots higher than the national fans at large, while also giving Oklahoma, Michigan, and Oregon a -2 spot deduction.

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Buckeye fans also had Army, who lost to TTUN in double overtime, at 25th, supplanting USC from the SBN rankings.

Check out both the LGHL and SBN polls below:

FanPulse Top 25 | Week 2

Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
Ranking LGHL Poll SBN Poll LGHL to SBN Difference Last Week LGHL Last Week SBN
1 Clemson Clemson - Clemson Clemson
2 Alabama Alabama - Alabama Alabama
3 Ohio State Georgia 3 Georgia Georgia
4 Georgia Oklahoma -1 Oklahoma Oklahoma
5 LSU LSU - Ohio State Ohio State
6 Oklahoma Ohio State -2 LSU LSU
7 Florida Florida - Michigan Michigan
8 Notre Dame Notre Dame - Auburn Auburn
9 Auburn Auburn - Texas Texas
10 Utah Michigan 2 Notre Dame Notre Dame
11 Texas Texas - Florida Florida
12 Michigan Utah -2 Texas A&M Texas A&M
13 Penn State Penn State - Washington Washington
14 Wisconsin Texas A&M 2 Penn State Utah
15 Texas A&M Oregon -1 Utah Penn State
16 Washington Wisconsin 1 Wisconsin UCF
17 Oregon Washington -2 UCF Oregon
18 UCF UCF - Oregon Wisconsin
19 Michigan State Michigan State - Michigan State Michigan State
20 Iowa Iowa - Iowa Iowa
21 Maryland Washington State 1 Syracuse Syracuse
22 Washington State Maryland -1 Washington State Washington State
23 Iowa State Iowa State - Iowa State Iowa State
24 Mississippi State Mississippi State - Stanford Stanford
25 Army USC N/A Cincinnati Nebraska

The other aspect of the weekly FanPulse surveys asks fans how confident they are in their program. Buckeye fans were 98 percent confident in the direction of the program following the season-opening win over Florida Atlantic, but that shot up to a perfect 100 percent after the shutout.