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Ohio State finishes at No. 3 in final college football SB Nation FanPulse

OSU fandom is losing confidence in the men’s basketball team.

Well, the college football season certainly didn’t end the way that we wanted for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Through bad luck, bad officiating, and blown opportunities, Ryan Day’s team gave away the College Football Playoff semifinal Fiesta Bowl to eventual national runners up, the Clemson Tigers.

As such, the Buckeyes finished third in the final SB Nation FanPulse survey of the 2019-20 season, behind the national champion LSU Tigers and the aforementioned Clemson. Big Ten brethren Penn State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan also made it into the top 25, and Cincinnati finished at No. 20.

Despite falling to Clemson in the semis, LGHL readers actually put the Buckeyes above Dabo Swinney’s team in their final rankings.

The SBN readers picked Clemson and Ohio State as the two teams with the greatest likelihood to win the national championship next season, but Clemson has a decided advantage in he voting.

SBN FanPulse 2020 Championship Predictions

Team Percentage
Team Percentage
Clemson 47.70%
Ohio State 20.00%
Someone Else 12.20%
Alabama 8.80%
LSU 4.80%
Oklahoma 2.50%
Georgia 2.30%
Oregon 1.80%

For the 14th time in the 16 weeks of the FanPulse survey, Ohio State fans said that they were 100 percent confident in the direction that Day was leading the program. The only two weeks of the season that fell below that threshold were Week 1 (97.6%) and Week 3 (98.6%)

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Chris Holtmann’s men’s basketball team. After hitting 100 percent confidence for the first time last week, the Buckeyes have cratered in the eyes of the fans down to just 67 percent. A precipitous drop having been no lower than 92.9 percent this season.