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Twitter round up: Remembering the 2019 Ohio State football season

A non-exhaustive list of the season’s best moments, plays, touchdowns, and more.

Big Ten Football Championship - Ohio State v Wisconsin Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

It feels like just yesterday we were getting ready for Ohio State’s season opener against the Florida Atlantic Owls, unsure about new head coach Ryan Day and transfer quarterback Justin Fields. How could they possibly fill Urban Meyer and Dwayne Haskins shoes? Will they even beat Cincinnati?!

And while I truly admire Buckeye fans’ passion and non-debatable expectations for their team, we’re also known for writing off a season as unsuccessful if it doesn’t end with a national title. Which is bonkers. I mean seriously, this season was nothing short of incredible. We witnessed one of the greatest, most complete Buckeye teams in Ohio State history. We witnessed two Heisman candidates (although it should’ve been three...#JKForHeisman) play some of the best football in the country at their positions. And we witnessed other players surpass other Buckeye Greats to become No. 1 in program history.

So, as we approach the national championship game, instead of being bitter that our beloved Bucks aren’t in it, let’s try to remember that this season was truly one for the ages. And to help you do just that, we’ve listed some of the best moments, wins, plays, touchdowns, sacks, etc. (some you may have forgotten about) gathered from all of our game day Twitter round ups.

Ohio State 42 vs. Cincinnati 0

Ryan Day was 0-2 in coin tosses at this point in the season, and the Big Ten title felt so out of reach...

The moment we all kind of realized that the best player in college football plays for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

I must admit the 42-0 shutout was pretty dang satisfying.

Ohio State 51 at Indiana 10

My New Years’ resolution is to never take a stellar Ohio State defense for granted ever again.

Indiana was the first of many teams to demonstrate that you cannot beat Ohio State by settling for field goals. (Even though we don’t really have a leg to stand on for this anymore).

Go to bed tonight with this gem of a thought: We get more Justin Fields and Chris Olave magic next year.

J.K. Dobbins had something to prove this season and he most definitely proved it.

He didn’t get to 31 due to his two-game suspension and teams putting every single player they had on him but he still broke the record with 16.5 sacks for the year. A legend, nonetheless.

Ohio State 76 vs Miami 5

If you remember, Miami was beating Ohio State for a full 15 minutes at the start of this game and you people were losing your minds. And by “you people” I mean me.

Then came the infamous ~second quarter~ and well....

76-5 is better than 76-0.

My favorite part of when Chase Young forces a fumble, is when he walks off after the fact, knowing his teammates will finish the job and recover the ball.

Garrett Wilson doing Garrett Wilson things. And we get at least two more years of it.

Rain or shine, Miami University or a playoff game—Buckeye fans are the greatest fans.

Ohio State 48 at Nebraska 7

If you enjoy our defense making interceptions, then surely you enjoyed the Nebraska game.

When hope was alive and well.

Just be grateful that you got to root for Chase Young instead of against him.

Narrator: “He was right.”

Ohio State 52 at Northwestern 3

It did not take long for Justin Field’s to find a wide open Chris Olave to take the lead against the Wildcats. I know I said this before, but I can’t wait to watch these two again next year.

Another day, another team bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Not only is an Ohio State head coach calling for a 55-yard field goal a triumph in itself, but junior kicker Blake Haubeil was quietly and consistently one of the best players to wear scarlet and gray this year. He had an 86.7 field goal percentage—putting him at No. 1 in Ohio State program history with an 82.1 career field goal percentage. He made 13 of his 15 field goal attempts and made all 85 of his extra point attempts.

To put Haubeil’s 85 extra point attempts into perspective, Michigan’s kickers Jake Moody and Quinn Nordan only had 47 extra point attempts this year combined.

In case you forgot, we now own Northwestern’s football stadium.

This was a regular occurrence throughout the season.

Ohio State 38 vs Wisconsin 7

JJ Watt, a Wisconsin alum.

Whether we had beaten Wisconsin or not, we still woulda won after this TBDBITL halftime performance.

J.K. Dobbins: 163 yards and 2 TDs

Jonathan Taylor: 52 yards and zero TDs

That’s all.

While other teams were triple-teaming Chase Young, Wisconsin was blocking him one-on-one with a tight end, resulting in Young putting up a total of four sacks and two forced fumbles. Again, knives....gun fight.

Except now I guess its:

  1. Chase Young
  2. Ohio State in the second quarter
  3. Miami Dolphins
  4. New England Patriots

Ohio State fans did Wisconsin’s tradition of “Jump Around” before the fourth quarter even started and Wisconsin fan, Andrew, was not having it.

Ohio State 56 at Rutgers 21

Not sure if Rutgers’ secondary just didn’t feel the need to cover K.J. Hill or....?

You can’t not say this season was incredible after watching Chris Olave do his thing. I think I replayed this catch 15 times.

Despite beating Rutgers 56-21, Buckeye fans were still mad that we let them put up 21 points, even though it was our third strings vs. their first strings for the majority of the game. Not to mention, Chase Young was suspended for the Rutgers game, which—let’s face it—was probably for the best.

Ohio State 56 at Michigan 27

Michigan scored first but then missed their extra point, which, if history is any indication, was an extra point they probably needed.

Obviously this is never the case during The Game (chaos always has to ensue), but after this beauty, I genuinely thought “game over.”

If Jim Harbaugh’s good at anything, it’s having zero control over his players. But hey, we’ll take their dumb shenanigans every year with open arms. Thanks for the extra 15 yards!

Never forget. Again, no leg to stand on, but this will never stop being funny.

Justin Fields was injured, taken out of the game, returned to the game, threw a touchdown, and Buckeye fans everywhere lost years off their lives. There is nothing I love and hate more than the emotional rollercoaster that is The Game.

Joe Burrow would have won the Heisman trophy, regardless. But the fact Dobbins wasn’t even invited to New York is a travesty.

Like I said before...regular occurrence.

The season could have ended right here and then, post-win O-H-I-O chant in the Big House. It’s all I ask for.

Big Ten Championship: Ohio State 34 vs Wisconsin 21

Austin Mack will be missed, mostly due to his ability to catch the uncatchable.

The fake punt that changed the entire momentum of this game. Not saying we would have lost without it, but this definitely put our offense into gear. And friends, we get our beloved mormon punter back for one more year!

Buckeye Nation went into ultra panic mode for the majority of this game because we forgot what it felt like to watch a game where Ohio State wasn’t up by 50 points in the first half.

And then THIS happened.

Paul Chryst learned from the regular season game that you can’t block Chase Young one-on-one, and especially not with one single tight end. What he did not learn, is that if you run the ball in Chase Young’s direction, it is not going to end well, no matter how many players you put on him.

Friends, I know this is an article about why we should appreciate this incredible season for what it was: one of the best in Ohio State history. But, I’ll say it anyway—we absolutely deserved that No. 1 playoff spot. My bias might lie, but numbers don’t.

Look at it this way, though. A Buckeye team with something to prove (Re: 2019 Buckeye team) is a scary thing for the rest of the nation. Ryan Day, Justin Fields, Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson, Master Teague, etc. with a chip on their shoulder? Um, yes please.