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Podcast: ‘Hangout in the Holy Land’ recaps the Nebraska game

The Bucks beat the Huskers 52-17 on Saturday, and we’ve got lots to talk about!

Nebraska v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Hangout in the Holy Land is back to give you their breakdown of all things Buckeyes. The hosts are new, the football season is new, but the sarcasm hasn’t changed a bit. Join George Eisner and myself all year long as we break down Ohio State’s opponents and recap the Buckeyes’ performance each weekend.

No. 5 Ohio State defeats Nebraska 52-17 in the season opener

The 2020 season is officially upon us, and for the first time in basically forever, we got to see some real Ohio State football on Saturday. It wasn’t pretty at times, but its hard to complain all that much when the Buckeyes win by 35. That being said, we did complain about a certain middle linebacker that rhymes with Buf Torland. Still, you know what they say — good teams win, great teams cover (the spread was OSU -26).

In today’s recap, George and I break down all the action from a matchup played inside a mostly empty Ohio Stadium. We touch on a whole range of topics, from questions about Ohio State’s defense to limitless praise of Justin Fields. We also talked about Haskell Garrett’s miraculous return to football after being shot in the offseason, and why the NCAA targeting rules are dumb — not that you didn’t already know that after the Fiesta Bowl mishap.

We end the show by reading some of the tweets you guys sent us this weekend. As always, make sure you follow us on Twitter (@HolyLandPod), and we will try to incorporate some of your questions and hot takes into the show!

We’ll be back again on Wednesday for a preview of Ohio State’s big matchup with a now 0-1 Penn State.

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