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Woody, Zeke, Brutus, Can’t Guard Mike, the Bosas spell O-H-I-O in new bobblehead series

I don’t know why we need three Os, but otherwise, these are pretty sweet.

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Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

For the first time in the illustrious history of those charming, head-nodding collectibles known as bobbleheads, thanks to FOCO and the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, you can now display up to six of your favorite Ohio State icons proudly using their bodies to spell our favorite word “O-H-I-O.”

Last week, on the eve of the Buckeyes’ season opening victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum released six gorgeous new bobbleheads featuring OSU legends Woody Hayes (O), Ezekiel Elliott (also O), Michael Thomas (H), Nick Bosa (another H), Joey Bosa (I), and Brutus Buckeye himself (yet another O for good measure).

All six of the bobbleheads are available for order now, and you can purchase them for $35 a piece (plus an $8 flat-rate shipping charge per order) or if you are a completist like me and need all six, you can get the set for $200. Not a bad deal when you consider that at the rate that our country is going, sports memorabilia might be our primary form of currency by the end of the calendar year.

Did you know (because I didn’t until I read it in the bobblehead press release) that originally, a chant of “O-H-I-O S-T-A-T-E” was done by sailors in World War II aboard the aircraft carrier USS Lexington to express their unbridled enthusiasm for Ohio State athletics?

After learning the chant as a member of the Navy, Matthew Sidley joined the cheerleading squad at Ohio State and taught the cheer to fans in Ohio Stadium in 1947. The second part was ultimately dropped (it is kind of hard to get your body to make an S), and the now famous chant that echoes throughout Big Ten stadiums during blowouts every fall was born.

“We’re excited to release this unique Ohio State Buckeyes O-H-I-O series for fans to add to their bobblehead collection,” National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar said. “The O-H-I-O chant is one of the most notorious in all of college sports and a staple of the Ohio State gameday experience and we think fans will love these new bobbleheads.”

This one-of-a-kind bobblehead series is produced by National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum and manufactured by FOCO.