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Buckeye Bits: WELP

All of the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond.

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Clemson v Ohio State Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Let’s just get right to it eh?

Biggest news of the Day...

The inevitable (imo) happened. Ohio State’s game against Maryland has been canceled after eight Terps tested positive for COVID-19.

Hindsight is 20/20, however OSU athletic director Gene Smith said the Buckeyes will stay on schedule with their practices as the season is not over and the CFP is still on the horizon.

What does this mean for the Big Ten championship?

I’ll let the Bills explain...

Meanwhile, I’m over here like...

Luckily, we have people who are much smarter than I am on our writing staff, so if you want a full rundown of some answers you’re probably seeking in light of this news, Matt has you covered in his latest column.

Okay, now, I feel the need to remind everyone that we’re talking about actual human beings (dare I say kids?) contracting a highly contagious, extremely serious (and sometimes deadly) virus. I think that sometimes this fact gets pushed aside in the midst of all of the disappointment that fans are experiencing because they don’t get to watch their favorite college football team play on Saturday. And quite frankly, our Saturday football-watching plans should be at the bottom of our priority list. Which brings me to...

The worst tweet of the day

Let me preface this by saying that the notion that college kids (college! kids!) are at fault here is as tone deaf as it gets. Firstly, you think every single Ohio State player or staff member is “handling their business” off the field? Every single freshman? Every single walk-on? Every single intern?

Secondly, who’s to say these players got it by being “careless”? All it takes is ONE player to contract the virus at the grocery store, at the bank, at the pharmacy, from a food delivery guy.

Thirdly, Maryland is 2-1 with a second year head coach coming off of victories over both Minnesota and Penn State, and saying that these players have nothing to play for in general — positive tests and winning record aside — is exactly why people hate Ohio State fans (and not in the fun “Ohio Against the World” kind of way) and I’d like to think that the vast majority of fans aren’t actually this out of touch. Now it’s time for...

The second worst tweet of the day

In all his glory, Sir Yacht has resurfaced.

Friendly reminder that he’s like 0-47 in his rumors coming true. Here’s a credible reporter explaining why this one won’t either...

Speaking of Alabama...

Four SEC games will not be played this weekend

So...the college football playoff?

The total is now 8 games canceled or postponed across major college football this week and more than 50 since late August, according to AP News. As if the committee’s job wasn’t hard enough, it’s safe to say the College Football Playoff race just got a little more tricky.

Honestly though, it’s 2020 and nothing would surprise me anymore.