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Podcast: ‘Hangout in the Holy Land’ previews the Indiana game

Is #9Windiana for real?

Indiana v Michigan State Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Hangout in the Holy Land is back to give you their breakdown of all things Buckeyes. The hosts are new, the football season is new, but the sarcasm hasn’t changed a bit. Join George Eisner and myself all year long as we break down Ohio State’s opponents and recap the Buckeyes’ performance each weekend.

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We all saw Ohio State’s biggest game of the season coming down to a Top-10 matchup against the Indiana Hoosiers right? Well, with all of the chaos that has gone on in the Big Ten this year, that is where things currently stand.

The Buckeyes did not get to take the field this past weekend after Maryland’s program suffered a COVID-19 outbreak, but they will now return for what will be a de facto play-in game for a trip to Indianapolis at season’s end. Tom Allen’s Indiana team has looked really good this year, and will certainly be Ohio State’s toughest test yet. In today’s episode, George and I discuss where things stand in the Big Ten, our thoughts on the reality of the Hoosiers’ strong start, and of course give our picks for Saturday’s game.

We will be back on Sunday following the game. We hope you will tweet us @HolyLandPod with your postgame questions and hot takes, and we will try to read as many of them as possible on the show.

Looking forward to hearing feedback from you guys. As always, if you like what we’re doing, be sure to subscribe and drop a review on Apple Podcasts. We’ll see ya after the game!

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