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Ohio State, Indiana most anticipated game of weekend, according to SB Nation Reacts

Also, 7% of Ohio State fans are on my last nerve...

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Coming off of an unscheduled bye-week, fans are excited to get the Ohio State football team back on the field.

According to the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, 93 percent of responding Buckeye fans said that they are confident that the team is headed in the right direction down only a tick from 94 percent a week before. That’s all well and good, but who are you people that aren’t confident about the direction that the Ohio State football program is heading? That’s not a rhetorical question, show yourselves, you scoundrels.

Have they played perfectly in their first three games? No, but their entire offseason was ravaged by a pandemic, cut them some slack. They are also on the verge of signing the top player in the country according to ESPN in three straight recruiting classes? What exactly is it that you aren’t confident in, you scallywags?

All Eyes on the Buckeyes

No. 3 Ohio State has what is undoubtedly their biggest test so far coming this weekend against No. 9 Indiana. The Big Ten East showdown is the most anticipated game across the country, according to a national fan vote, earning well over 50 percent of the responses.

It’s not exactly the most exciting slate of games across the college football map today, as 15 games have either been canceled or postponed. But, with all eyes on Columbus at noon, the Buckeyes now have an opportunity to make an emphatic statement before the College Football Playoff committee unveils its first official rankings on Tuesday.

If OSU can look dominant against a top-10 team, that should go a long way to cementing their status as one of the top four teams in the country. Even before the season began, I was convinced that there was no way that an undefeated Ohio State team would be left out of the playoff, as long as they played a respectable number of games. But, having already missed one regular season contest due to Maryland’s CVOID outbreak, the Buckeyes can’t really afford any more cancelations, and they also can’t afford not looking dominant and deserving at all times.

So, hopefully Ryan Day and his team understand what’s at stake today, and come out and play inspired football for more than just the first half for the first time all season.

I want to see you out that door. Baby, bye bye bye.

Earlier this week, South Carolina fired head coach Will Muschamp and according to fans around the country, that will just be the beginning. Roughly two-thirds of fans think that at least three Power Five schools will get rid of their head coach before the end of the season, with 39 percent predicting three coaches getting the axe.

ESPN’s resident non-Ohio State Big Ten alum Mike Greenberg things that it’s time for Jim Harbaugh to bid a fond farewell to his alma mater.

Harbizzle has just one more year left on his contract with the athletic department up north, but in college football, you never see someone coaching on the final year of a deal, because that sends a horrible message to recruits. So, it is either shit or get off the pot time for Harby Harbs and Weasels. They’ve either gotta extend him, or he’s gotta find a job in the NFL for after this season is over.

I don’t see UM firing their beloved big boy favorite son, but if the Jets or the Jags or some other terrible pro team comes a callin’ the two sides might just go ahead and call it a day on this failed experiment.

Harbaugh will always be a Michigan Man, but I’m not sure that he’s long for Michigan, man.

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