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Game Day Twitter round up: Ohio State vs. Indiana

That was not a good time.

We’re back with our Game Day Twitter round up series, where we gather all of the best reactions, gifs, sarcasm, jokes and smack talk from across the college football Twitterverse.

Instead of packing into the ‘Shoe, tailgating in the parking lot or waiting in line at Out R Inn on a crisp, fall Saturday, the majority of Ohio State fans (hopefully) will take their game-day watching talents to their own living rooms. While Game Day on Twitter is always a glorious place to be, it means just a little bit more this year, as it’s the one and only place that fans can still yell, cheer and swear together safely in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Justin Fields to Garrett Wilson works. Can confirm.

Oh we’re HITTING hitting today. Got it.

I mean at this point... why are they even here?

In other words...those interceptions were a fluke. Don’t get used to them.

Ohio State’s defense is a pest!

I wish I could say the same, Scott.

Sure enough, our Twitter mentions are FULL of Justin Fields slander but let me make myself very clear: Land-Grant Holy Land is a Justin Fields slander-free zone. It is not welcome here. Go somewhere else.

Coming from the former president of the Kelly Clarkson fan club, this tweet is THE tweet.

The punny tweets are why this Twitter roundup exists.

I always knew I could play football.

I love it. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s electric. But please never jump into the end zone again, Justin.

I have never seen this explained so perfectly.

I don’t have any beef with Indiana, and 80% of that is due to the Twitter account of SB Nation’s Indiana blog. They’re my favorite follow of 2020.

Those poor poor college students.

Some perspective for you, friends! Indiana is not a bad football team! has to be corrected before Graham Mertz* is the quarterback on the other team

Okay this made me burst out laughing.

I want to exhale. I do. However I know that once I do... something bad will happen. Someone please check on me at the end of the game.

*eye twitches*

Anyone know if Okudah, Arnette or Fuller have brothers?

Thanks be to God. Now let’s go Rutgers.